China Takes Tech Regulations to the Next Level | The Daily Show

China Takes Tech Regulations to the Next Level | The Daily Show

China takes extreme measures to crack down on everything technology, from crypto and TikTok to…


  1. Online gaming should be limited for kids,they are spending too much time on it. I fully support this regulation.

  2. Larry Vuitton🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. I love it when Trevor always see things for their pros and cons. Really creative. love your show.

  4. Preventing yhe rise of usa now!

  5. “Larry Vuitton bags” …there’s a version of everything asscool outta there😀🤣🤣

  6. The channel is now kind of dry

  7. I've just laughed for 10 minutes 30 seconds straight, man Trevor is hilarious 😂😂🤣.. Speaking all facts though.

  8. TikTok is international version of Douyin


  10. Man that's terrible 1:57 👀

  11. Noah Trevor need to travel China more maybe winter Olympic first..

  12. This proof American don't understand China.

  13. The chinese goverment is doing the right move.

  14. There are no regulations or regulatory bodies to control or prevent manipulation. It's a free for all scheme and those with the largest holding can easily manipulate it for their own self interest. Same as in the stock
    markets. I'm sure you're well aware of this. Does it make any sense to anyone out there?

  15. The Chinese economy is collapsing (really, they are cold and hungry). People are desperately trying to get out. It is called "common prosperity" or the ways of Mao. You know, COVID-19 really is a bioweapon; and it has hurt the Chinese economy the most.

  16. You guys got it all wrong! China is not cracking down on tech, but want its tech industry to focus on fundamental tech instead of “soft tech” like video games.

  17. Better include Taiwan in China’s map. This is a huge mistake not to include Taiwan in China’s map.

  18. 有点言重了,中国政府并没有太过于强制禁止这些。政府给了人民充分的自由。小孩可以用父母的身份证玩游戏,但是他们有更加重要的学业。追粉丝这块,并没有限制。比特币可以做国际交易。

  19. Making a mickey of everything. Don't hold back brother.

  20. Liberals love china so much in usa. We in india laugh at these idiots democrats of usa.

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