China takes over Uganda’s airport, S.Africa punished for excellent science and More…

China takes over Uganda’s airport, S.Africa punished for excellent science and More…

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  1. It's a punishment for supporting Ethiopia

  2. This is the biggest bullshit on planet earth…if you follow the international news you will see that the international scientists are full of praise for the work the south africans did….not allowing them in is because of the low vacination rate in SA ….Nothing else…if a SAcitizen get sick over seas with no medical insurence it can cost that country between $40 and $70 000…
    Who is going to pay that if the patient just say….sorry…I dont have the money.Use your brains….

  3. Right now China feels that they are flying high, When birds are flying high they must come down to eat, if they don't come down to eat they will drop down and dead. In the book of revelations they have China destroyed all of this is prophecy.

  4. So we can say
    Colonial still remains in Africa
    And only change his face also make another face but the biggest problem for us is our leaders who still believe the western countries or infidels .
    That big problem😡

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  6. I don't blame the Chinese government l blame our leader's.l feel sorry for the next generations . our own enemies is our leader's.

  7. How are you being punished it’s common sense to anyone who knows anything about viruses contagious disease you isolate the source into everything is under control thank God the rest of the world including Biden in this instance has the intelligence enough tune to respond to what you do with viruses I would think that you would South Africa would understand that stop being so self-centered and selfish and respect other countries that are trying to help and to look out for their own countries it makes no logical sense for any intelligent person to want to travel to other countries at a time like this you make yourself look foolish South Africa

  8. Queen Here King .No Worries Propaganda . Africa we Stand Frim. 4 Corners of the Earth. Selah.

  9. 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 China best leave Africa!

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