China says US 'gravely wrong' to congratulate new Taiwan leader | BBC News

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China says US 'gravely wrong' to congratulate new Taiwan leader | BBC News

China has accused the US of sending “a gravely wrong signal” to those pushing for Taiwan’s independence after Saturday’s election result.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken sent Taiwanese president-elect William Lai a message of congratulations following the result.

Beijing called the message a violation of Washington’s commitment to…



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  1. One (Communist) China🇨🇳doesn't include Democratic Taiwan🇹🇼 for sure. Two different political structures, can't be united. CCP🇨🇳doesnt have a right to claim Democratic🇹🇼ROC who was estsblished in 1912, never being ruled by Communist China.

  2. ❤😂 😅 china or xi your technology hasntvleft the kitchen choppong chop chop ❤ in the words of my white brother we do what we want who is foimg to make it differnet 😂❤😊

  3. Congratulations to new President Lai,more powerful Taiwan democracy,China communist country,hope all Chinese people to Taiwan democracy enjoy freedom


  5. CCP curtails freedom of speech to its people and wants to impose the same to all nation. Every freedom loving nation should congratulate the President-elect of Taiwan and its citizens. Congratulations Taiwan 🇹🇼

  6. To have a policy like One China, there must be more than one China. Here is the history, look it up –

    In 1949, the Mao led CCP broke away from the Republic of China, which was established in 1912, after defeating the ROC national military and founded the People's Republic of China. The ROC took exile in Taiwan till today.

    The PROC has never set foot on Taiwan in its 75 years of history. That's the fact.

  7. China can gain more and more control before China destroy Taiwan's democracy and become like Hong Kong and lose all their self power and rights!

  8. just for arguments sake, take bubblehead wang yi's assertions, there is only one china but there is also Taiwan and Taiwan is not china but china is Taiwan. one china policy is just a bagful of shit that only the ccp can benefit is the world only allows it. mao zedong's ccp is just a criminal organization holding china as a captive state since after WW II.

  9. One Taiwan ! Long live Taiwan ! Taiwan more sovereign than other countries that do not recognize its sovereignty! More sovereign than most countries ! One China policy is false diplomatic policy- brazen and deceptive ! PRC diplomacy like One China policy is about disrespecting sovereignty, outright disregard of independence of a nation distinct existence and progress as a nation! It follows an “all-or- none” logic that would apply geopolitically as clearly manifested by One China policy, similar to Putin’s attitude of invading Ukraine and Hamas objective of ending Israel as a state ! A diplomacy that leads to military conflict and progress to war! PRC government’s behavior in the west Philippine sea is blatantly undiplomatic and nothing else but outright military aggression ! No amount of economic cooperation not diplomacy will make PRC government an ally of any nation! PRC government BORROWED and USED a FOREIGN IDEOLOGY that CORRUPTED Chinese culture, Chinese heritage and Chinese existence as a state! With One Child policy, PRC government slaughtered the future of China with no apologies to the Chinese people and NO ACCOUNTABILITY! One China policy basically ignores sovereignty of nations because the conflict with Taiwan extends beyond Taiwan! The conflict in the Taiwan strait is a bridge to future conflicts with other nations in the South China Sea and in the Pacific !

  10. Taiwan's Independence is disallowed by its constitution.
    The founding father of the Republic of China Dr. Sun Yat-sen founded the Republic of China in 1911 in Guangzhou (Mainland China). Article 4 of Taiwan (Republic of China) says: The territory of the Republic of China according to its existing national boundaries shall not be altered except by resolution of the National Assembly.
    The National Assembly of Taiwan was disbanded in 2005. Now, it is impossible for Taiwan to take the Mainland China out of Taiwan’s constitution.

  11. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continue chanting for the reunification with Taiwan is indeed quite laughable. Taiwan originally never belonged to them, so how can they claim to have lost it?

    It was Japan that handed Taiwan over to the Kuomintang government, not the CCP. If Japan made a mistake, why hasn't the CCP protested against Japan? This indicates that Japan handing Taiwan to the Kuomintang government was not a mistake. The CCP has never ruled Taiwan, attacking Taiwan is an act of aggression.

    The only reason the CCP claims to invade Taiwan is that the Qing Dynasty once ruled Taiwan. However, the Qing Dynasty was just one dynasty in Chinese history, and each change of dynasty led to different territorial boundaries. How can this be a valid reason? The Qing Dynasty ceded Taiwan to Japan due to defeat in war, and this was a permanent cession agreement. Without the Qing Dynasty's consent, even more territories were taken by Russia. The Tuva Republic is 4.7 times larger than Taiwan, yet the CCP doesn't protest against Russia. It shows that the Qing Dynasty's rule over Taiwan is just an excuse.

    During the Yuan Dynasty, Beijing was the capital, and countries like North and South Korea, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, and Siberia in Russia were once within the Yuan Dynasty's rule. How many of these countries are not independent now?

    Xi Jinping's claim that not an inch of Chinese territory can be lost is just a joke. If the CCP has the capability, they should first recover North Korea!

  12. FROM: President Rafael B Clarete – Republic of Mindanao, 9/14/2023 .. The Partnership between 🇺🇸 USA. and Republic of Mindanao, What I Needed from the US..
    1.) The island of Mindanao is Much Bigger/ Larger than Taiwan 🇹🇼 with a population of 30 million +, 2.) We Mindanaoan's Chooses to be Peaceful and Protects our AOR. in the Event of War between US and China 🇨🇳 3.) What We Needed from the US are the Following..
    A.) Military 🪖 🎖 🪖 Uniforms and Boots 👢
    500,000 divided into 2 parts, 200,000 first Part and 300,000 second Part.
    B.) First 200, T, Military Uniforms and Boots 👢
    C.) Firearms, The Old and Reliable 30 Calibers Paratroopers Carbines and M14 with bipods. and Flashidders. For Our Mindanao Snipers. and100,T. Modern Weapons.
    D.) Will Mark, Old WW2 Amos, for Our Practice in the defense of Mindanao, Plus
    Reloaders. The New Reloaders can Make the Amos, Modern.!
    E.) We in Republic Mindanao – We Choose A Peaceful ✌️ 🙏 😌 Coexistence with Our. Neighbor's But We, are Going to Protect our Territories.
    F.) WE, will Never Attack but We, will Defend Our Territories from Any Outside Force's that Wanted to Take us. Under their Control.
    *WE, will Replace China 🇨🇳 👌 in their Exports to the US and Other Nations, for Economics and Trade.
    *WE, Request Japan and South Korea 🇰🇷 to support us with 20,000 Electric Sowing Machines for Economic s and Trade.