China Calls American Greed Is Destructive But It Will Not Bring Down BRICS

China Calls American Greed Is Destructive But It Will Not Bring Down BRICS

Ondiro Oganga reports on China calling out American greed and stating it won’t effect BRICS.


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  1. Very proud of y'all continue in y'all greatness don't let America greed distract y'all..


  3. Listen i dont know bout yall but we dont trust china neither! In the words of julius malema they are not gonna get away with nothing just cause we joined forces look what they did to jamaica !yall better watch out we dont trust none these govs black americans from experience watch they asses too! Didnt they just try n steal technologic devices n info from africa ? Yeah dont trust them !

  4. I'm not sure if it's possible to live in a world where everyone is allowed to develop freely. But if it is, I know it is a world without whites.

  5. The Western Hemisphere scarcity mentality and culture, cultivates generational excessive greed, and incurable addictions to developing countries natural resources. This has been devastating to developing countries, and the 99% of people in developed countries too. This has to stop.

  6. Biden 2024! We must save the environment!

  7. Where ever there is trouble, chaos confusion, stealing, murder, killing, and total chaos and 🤮
    disruption. You'll find wicked West 100%. 🤮 you can syrely count on that.

  8. Whites are destroying themselves in the US. Greed is what is their problem.

  9. The kettle calling the pot black. Who is as greedy as China?

  10. They right we need to shape up clean house fix america

  11. More research on this:debt traps. Look at Zambia

  12. BRICS is growing and western unipolar hegemony is fading away out of their unfairness and their dealing with others lavishly & oppressively especially the global South and Africa in particular. They have polluted the old world order and now the new world order is born out of BRICS. Mugabe the most educated world leader ever was not listened to when he said UN is misplaced. Had that been said by a western leader it could had been listened to.The west is never short of racism

  13. If you hate the USA so much, why do u keep living here and paying tax?

  14. BTW – That was not president Ching Ping. That's Chinese Commerce Minister Wang Wentao. But he read Ching Ping's speech. At the last minute Ching ping decided to let someone else read it.

  15. china most distructive and so much, so much greed

  16. ❤High time Russia, North Korea, Iran, Syria, and China formally form "A military Alliance" to DETER those US and Western countries war mongers. Those US and Western countries Imperial Colonial Dictator Authoritarian Totalitarian hegemony mentality power will never stop their agenda to break up Russia, China, Iran Syria and also North Korea. That's their Evil objective.
    Now Africa continent are fighting and driving those Imperial Colonial Dictator Authoritarian Totalitarian out. Middle east countries are moving away from US.
    South America countries also are trying to breakaway from US.

    Those evil regime are fighting Proxy wars. Fight to the last Ukrainian.

    US and Nato want to fight China to the last Taiwanese, Japanese, South Korean. 😮😮😮

  17. Change is coming and it cannot be stopped. What the USA is doing is pointless.

  18. I hope they keep speaking truth to power.

  19. India is a two head snake and should be kicked out of BRICS

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