Children Storm DRC Parliament, Kenyan Named World's Best Athlete, Gambia Refugees Saved from Libya

Children Storm DRC Parliament, Kenyan Named World's Best Athlete, Gambia Refugees Saved from Libya

Welcome back to the 2nacheki channel. Here is your latest African News:
Gambian refugee migrants repatriated from Libya.


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  1. Crazy that Libya would block repatriation of refugees. Unless they are actually benefiting actually making a "killing", from them. What a fall from the days of Gadaffi

  2. Congo 🇨🇩 ❤❤❤💯

  3. Western Democracy is not always the answer just look what is going on in the USA. Economics is the answer and you don’t need western democracy to get there.

  4. 5,000 Gambian refugees. I believe Gambia is a very nice place to live in. Why would they flee Gambia?

  5. I see africa going no where with the mentality of "continue to blame others for the problems of your actions." Continue to blame the west and see if anything will change.

  6. It's sad that the crisis in Mozambique only happened after a natural gas well worth 42Billion USD was recently discovered there. We can't keep victimizing Africans for their natural resources. This cycle needs to end.

  7. Salute to the Brave Youth of the DRC

  8. Love to see this children stand up for there right in the DRC.
    R.I.P for the child who lost he's life.🤲🏾

  9. Vous avez vraiment raison les enfants d'agir ainsi.
    Ma tondo 👏👍

  10. The children want better education. Well done congolese children and i support them.

  11. If kids can stand up to fight for the rights, adults should stand up across the world to remove their despotic, insane dictators from power.

  12. Love the children taking matters into their own hands in DRC.

  13. children deserve education
    freedom food fresh air water LIFE

  14. Kipchoge is always making us proud 👏

  15. Nice 2See some good news about a group of refugees for a change.

  16. Thanks 2nacheki for keeping us up-to-date with the latest news.👍🏼

  17. Thanks for always keeping us updated.

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