Chicago Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Chicago Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Chicago – From humble beginnings, this city has bloomed into one of the USA’s frontrunners….


  1. Durai uyiroda varananu parpom

  2. Nee thothutu pora yanbathae unmai,konja naal a purium loosu paya mental paya,nee yanaku poty Ella ,wait and see unnaya naan thaedavae Ella pitchakara paya vantha,yachikala pundaya nakktu vaya polanthutu povada,soon I'll b in narasingampatty,America la prostitute centre nadathu

  3. North Michigan Avenue is not the Loop. The loop is the old CBD south of the river. If you're going to do a travel guide video you must get a simple basic fact that that correct.

  4. Chicago Capital City Singapore

  5. Nice and beautiful buildings I love Chicago

  6. Om swastiastu, God bless the USA, thanks.

  7. After 3 months, I will be visiting Chicago a lot of times for next 5 years. Coming from Istanbul, I am familiar with big cities but still really excited what this beautiful city can offer! Cheers to future good moments 🙂

  8. Going to Chicago for the first time in July. So excited! The food, Architecture, music and seeing the Red Sox play at a Wrigley Field? Priceless!

  9. Great informative video with beautiful footage. A really enjoyable travel guide to watch. I'm currently in Chicago about to start Route 66 and this really is a fantastic city with lots to do and see. Love it 😊

  10. يوما ما سأكون في هذه المدينة تعجبني كثيرا

  11. Once I win the lottery, I'm comin'!

  12. I watched this video because I wanted to know what my friend loved so much about Chicago now I understand why she’s moving away I mean she lived their almost her whole life I’ll miss her 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  13. Pls meko bcha lo m mrne wali hu India k logo ne meko jahar de diya h m jeena chahti hu hospital gyi to meko mar denge pls bcha lo

  14. This makes Chicago look so lame. It's so much better than this I swear

  15. This video misses Wrigley Field, the Architectural Boat tour along the Chicago River, the Columbian Exposition area near the Museum of Science & Industry, the Baha'i Temple in Wilmette, Chicago Botanical Gardens and Morton Arboretum, just to start the list of things this video missed.

  16. Chicago houses 500keys 400 motels. 500 cars,trucks. Businesses keys.

  17. one of my classmates used to live here

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