Charlamagne Tha God x LaLa Anthony | Emerging Hollywood

Charlamagne Tha God x LaLa Anthony | Emerging Hollywood

Charlamagne The God sits down with actress and producer La La Anthony on the latest episode of…


  1. Another great interview now that I've seen with Lala since her divorce. She so shows the grace and resilience necessary to move thru such public heartbreak.
    It's Real Talk, with openness and honesty and you can't do nothing but respect her hustle.
    True display of a Queen mentality👑👑👸👸💯💯💛💕💛💕

  2. Lala Anthony's 3 family members can have them Hollywood rooms and the tears 😤👃💧

  3. Great interview loved it

  4. This was an awesome interview! One of my favorite persons much love

  5. Her husband screwed up and that’s his lost.

  6. I’m glad ole boy was a true mentor instead of taking advantage, this could’ve been a completely different story but it’s a triumphant one

  7. I love this interview I love La La.❤️ I remember when I was young I remember hearing her on the radio 92.3 The Beat in Cali 🌴☀️ been supporting her ever since.

  8. She's so awesome; I
    loved he show on MYV

  9. Did she do some on her face? 😳

  10. Wish you nothing but the best LaLa!! ❤️

  11. GREAT INTERVIEW!!!!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  12. A beautiful interview from a beautiful woman‼️

  13. Charlemagne be Killin this shit,he brings the beer out of people

  14. Lots of ppl picked up the laugh of a broken heart but I felt when she said that when she’s 60 she would feel fulfilled because her life was satisfying. That she’s lived 5 times over. It’s awesome that she sees her life as chapters or episodes instead of blurring it all together and focusing on the negative. 🌺💐🌹🌼🌸🥰

  15. Lala is hella vulnerable!

  16. Love some Lala! This was a dope interview🖤

  17. add more light to the scene next time

  18. Ray j needs to give Charla the exclusive. Not the daily mail

  19. i guess she aight for a 42 yr ole face definately looks lil aged

  20. Great interview. It’s ok to not do things as a family. It is what it is don’t let the ex block your blessing. It’s a man out there for you.

  21. I love the evolution of Charlamagne

  22. When she said broken heart I felt that. This interview was amazing I love her 🧡🧡🧡I hope God sends her new love & heals from everything that scared her… Blessings 🙏🏾

  23. Sorry I don't know this guy much, but why does he call himself 'tha God'? the explanation should surely be simple.

  24. WHO wouldn’t want Lala. She Humble beautiful smart. Lala will find her king 👑. No doubt 💯

  25. i need him to leave the breakfast club so i no longer have to watch it. he’s the only reason i care to watch that program. more of this. great interview.

  26. She's in alot of pain.Women don't know what self respect is these days, Narcissism supersedes.

  27. Thanks La for representing both cultures! I often time find that folks want to Take the wheel when Black is trending…

  28. Melo should have to explain to his son all of the rumors…not LaLa! She didn’t put their family in that situation, he did! Shout out to her! I’ve always admired her!

  29. Shoutout to lala she don't get much respect as as she should

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