Chad Rieschl: Tips to create great gummies

Chad Rieschl: Tips to create great gummies

During the crisis, Cargill is intently focused on protecting the health of our employees,…


  1. Damn, thats some fast accurate rapid fire.

  2. Can you please post the pectin gummy recipe here?

  3. Well, why dont you just use Allulose in place of sugar ? Looks exactly like sugar, taste exactly like sugar and cooks like sugar with no calories. Its the latest biggest thing and will take over the market….

  4. What is the device you are using to fill each mold so fast ?

  5. how much cannabutter do you add in?

  6. How do I stop gummy bears sticking together

  7. Hey Chad!
    I’m working on a pectin gummy and it’s too chewy/sticky any idea where I could go wrong?
    My ingredients are pectin, sugar, corn syrup, water, sodium citrate and citric acid. I cooked it to 240 then added citric acid/water mixture. Any would would be great, thanks!!

  8. What’s a good corn syrup/sugar/pectin/acid ratio I’ve been trying alot of different recipes. Waiting on a laser gun haven’t figured out how to use the refractometer but your explanation of evaporating does help.

  9. Yuck, fake sugar. Although it is to what others enjoy.
    I prefer original soda pop.

  10. HI thank you for the informative video. Can you advise on how to make the texture more like swedish fish? Thank you!

  11. What is the white powder that you use for the gummy moles

  12. this is really nice video! We have machines that can increase the production capacity to over 30,000 gummies per hr! And starchless process

  13. I need some tips on how to make pate de fruit a bit more solid…I used the fruit puree, sugar, extra slow set pectin(HM), lemon juice..heated it up to 107°C but still not as solid as I'd like…or should I cook off more liquid?

  14. Can I have the link of the funnel dispenser you were using to fill the mold? Thank you

  15. Plz can you send the recipe

  16. This video is legit tho! Good job!

  17. Chocolatiers need their chocolate! Cashmere, Cupid,Guernsey! Easter is coming! We are getting nervous! These shortages are gonna leave the Easter bunny in a bad spot!

  18. can you share more on the water reduction stage? I am trying to preserve my candy, but I can't seem to find any resources that can help me

  19. wow great video 😃 but can i know which ingredients that made the gummies stretchy and firm? Thank you so much for entertaining this comment 😊

  20. wow great video 😃 but can i know which ingredients that made the gummies stretchy and firm? Thank you so much for entertaining this comment 😊

  21. Several pectin suppliers I've tried recommended testing the pH after adding the acid to verify it's in range. Neither of the pH meters I have register with the thick liquid. I also tried papers – no dice. Do you measure pH to determine if your recipe is correct? Any recommendations for a meter that works well? This video was extremely informative, thanks for posting it

  22. Would love if I could ask you some specific questions about making unique gummies

  23. This is excellent, very much appreciated my guy, as I’m working on making my perfect gummy candy

  24. Interesting process. I would have liked to hear what the numbers were you were looking at for moisture loss, temperatures. I am trying to create a spearmint leaf jelly lolly but am having trouble finding actual values for amount of glucose, sugar and corn starch/pectin

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