Californians Moving To Texas More Than Anywhere In The USA

Californians Moving To Texas More Than Anywhere In The USA

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  1. So you’re one of those that moved to Texas and is voting to turn it into California. Lord help us.

  2. They might as well stay it's going up around here

  3. Texas and Florida will be bad places for Black people in 2025. It's not that good now…

  4. Now don't vote blue and screw up Texas like the Dems / communists did in California

  5. Nooooooooo! Stay there. We don’t want you!

  6. The governor of Texas cares for hi people

  7. There might be a nuclear plant in Texas. Nothing cheap without a reason.

  8. All my friends who moved to Texas now have to GoFundMe for medical bills lol talk about cheaper living lol idiots

  9. It won't be for long! Supplies and demands will increase, but! I'm coming too! ☺️

  10. They are driving up the prices! Texas is affordable to Californians who recently sold their homes over 600k then come buy a home or two all cash. Meanwhile that 145k 3-4 bedroom in a nice community shot up to 315k.

  11. Demorats have all the failed policies. The proof is in the pudding.

  12. California is far better than TX.

  13. ☝️😎 ENJOY THE HEAT THERE! 🔥🥵

  14. Yeah leave your sick woked out policies behind. We don't need you ruining our state.

  15. You all doing all this moving wherever you move to just don't vote Democrat. That's what got you in the predicament to move.

  16. Messed up thing is they're going to move to TX and try and vote in the same people that destroyed their state

  17. Went to Texas once, Houston. It was nice, but I didn't want to move there. Never been to California, but my brother moved to there and he is back in Virginia. It had to be a reason he moved back.

  18. Texas is below the average 😂😂😂

  19. Live in Cali….Not enough are moving to make a difference!

  20. Just don't go get your license plate renewed they will tax the hell out of you.
    Just wait as demand goes up so will prices. I was just I. Mansfield this past spring and I can tell you that every housing community house is built the same no variety. But prices are cheap for now.

  21. A lot of things not better in California your right there are a lot of things Democrat ran what else would you expect

  22. kansas and ohklahoma ,where thy got those cylinder circle tornado homes too.

  23. I really wish y'all would stay in California or move somewhere else. You are driving up the prices and the traffic, it's just not the same anymore

  24. But I moved her but I miss the heck out of Cali

  25. Quit telling people that dumb dumb

  26. Absolutely … born and raised in Houston .. when I moved to LA I was completely shocked @ how much the basic things are


  28. California moved to Las Vegas too and now the prices are up and similar to that of the place in which and why they moved here. 😢 they “out-bidded “ to the point of their own demise and ours too. What was the point? Surely much newer places to live and certainly more space…but now they can barely maintain and have uprooted our safe haven, amongst other issues. What was the point?

  29. And messing it up for us people that live in Texas making our rent higher now we want to leave Texas

  30. now that state is going down hill for a reason

  31. I hear ya D… I'm in San Francisco now and it's BAD!!! Lived in Fla 12 yrs will never live there least not in this day and age..but as a Black American I'm not going anywhere near Texas..I LIKE LIVING!!! I'll stick it out here in SF..🤔

  32. Oh my goodness…. I hope they leave their attitudes and perverted culture in California. 😂

  33. Stay y'all plastic a$$ on the west coast.
    ~Sincerely the east coast

  34. And they are going to feel the effects because of the rent difference the Californians are going to send those rent prices through the roof. When I went to Florida and Mexico….the super rich folk were buying up stuff and pushing the locals out as prices continued to boom. It's sad actually.

  35. This video deserves an applause. Bravo! 👏

  36. Migrant workers have been doing this for centuries. 🥑🥬🫛🇺🇲 🇲🇽 🌽🐄🍇

  37. Globalists are effectively driving people out of California… Hawaii… New York…

  38. California is way more than 3% above the average cost of living. Gas alone is 30% above the national average.

  39. You're about 15 years LATE with this news lady…

  40. Just don't bring your socialist politics with you and it will stay that way

  41. Just leave your bullshit liberal stuff in CA

  42. There goes the neighborhood

  43. Oh, nooo…

    The Californians are bringing their lifestyles to Texas!

    No this explains a lot! 😂

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