Buying a SIM Card in Equatorial Guinea πŸ‡¬πŸ‡Ά – 10 Things to Know About Getesa & Muni (in English)

Buying a SIM Card in Equatorial Guinea πŸ‡¬πŸ‡Ά – 10 Things to Know About Getesa & Muni (in English)

Equatorial Guinea is known for having one of the highest mobile data speeds in Africa and in the…


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  2. The reason why network quality is slow and mobile data prices are so expensive is because the company are partly national. We don't have a multinational like orange or others like for example in our neightbouring countries. It's not because they don't want to invest but because in strategic sectors of EG like telecomunications for example there must be national capital. The government make so much investment in Muni and Getesa and want to get benefits from that investment. Is not like a multinational that bring their know how and capital and can adjust the price. There are advantages and disanvantages to that from where you look at it, but Don't worry we will get there.

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  7. ⏱️Video contents:

    0:19 Premise of this Video

    0:47 1. Operators in Equatorial Guinea

    1:15 2. Where to Buy a SIM Card

    1:34 3. Getesa & Muni SIM Card Prices

    1:44 4. SIM Card Registration

    2:08 5. Best SIM Card in Equatorial Guinea

    2:29 6. Mobile Data Prices in Equatorial Guinea (Expensive)

    3:15 7. Mobile Network Quality

    4:17 8. Mobile Data Speeds

    5:14 9. Internet Packages

    7:06 10. Should You Roam in Equatorial Guinea?

    7:42 Rounding It Up

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