Bulls MUST Get This Exactly Right Or They Are Dead!

Bulls MUST Get This Exactly Right Or They Are Dead!

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  1. Folks, we will be back with a comprehensive market analysis in the public channel this Sunday. In the meantime, enjoy these highlights from videos produced previously in the private channel.

  2. pov i just day trade pharma

  3. How are economists defining recession these days?

  4. As a member, these are a great review :) thanks Maverick 🍻

  5. I just can't understand why anyone thinks the fed will cut rates. Core inflation is increasing, opec cut production to force energy prices up. Lots of upward pressure on wages still. Their argument that the "consumer is resilient" is actually an argument for higher inflation and the need to increase rates.
    I don't know. Everything looks stupid and overpriced to me.
    I'm hold up collecting returns from a treasury backed Money Market until the Market crashes or someone convinces me to drink the kool-aid.

  6. Thank you for your wonderful videos. I always watch your videos, and I shared your video links with four friends of mine, I love how open minded you are about investing, I read an article of investors that made upto $500,000 within 2months from options, so please I'd really love more tips and clues on how to outperform the market and make such profit using options

  7. I actually like these shorter videos that explain one topic. That way the comments can discuss the topic without getting mixed with other issues.

  8. Cocaine bears eat stimulated bulls!

  9. The economy only benefits when workers take a hit, seems like a horrible economy for working people.

  10. Keep up the great videos

  11. Thank you Maverick for making it Real…

  12. thank you Maverick

    #hilites 👍

  13. Thanks Mav, great to see you back my friend!

    My bet is; central banks will collectively abandon their fight against inflation, sticking us with a permanently new normal cost of living, which will spiral us into a 1930's style scenario….seems unavoidable to me. The credit debt crisis will be the next shoe to drop, causing waves of defaults, repos and a homelessness situation that will rival the great depression. All because Powell needed to keep pumping the markets and then denying inflation was a problem for the best part of an entire year, as it grew out of control… In a just society, this man would be facing a very lengthy prison sentence for his role in our ultimate fate. But in this country, catering to the 1% at the expense of the rest of us, is a way of life…

  14. Thank you for releasing video series !

  15. Mohamed El-Erian’s point is so true! Most jobs are being created in Hospitality and those wages have almost doubled… you think I’m going to be a professional for 3x the earnings of a MacDonalds worker? No sir, I’ll take a 100% pay rise and we can reset the Big Mac wage index or I’ll find another company…

  16. Stagflation is bad for gold

  17. There is another way of “killing aggregate demand”, by producing enough products to satisfy demand.

  18. Thanks for making these pieces! You illustrate your videos 10x better than any other finfluencers. Plus you've obviously listened to, at least, a good storyteller (which is unusual in this space. ) I hope it's rewarding enough to keep you at it!

  19. Great insights, thank you for sharing.

  20. Thank you Mav! Appreciate the %^&# outta Ya!

  21. The real month over month inflation rate is prob still over 10%

  22. THERE is one thing about god damn sven he has been talking bullish since june of last yea rand if you use his service you have not made much cash since june of last year on his calls

  23. It’s not stagflation imo. Inflation yes. Unemployment rising no. Soft landing no. Only the counterfeiters win. If you are not a counterfeiter (fake disability vet or bailout business) you are screwed. Great times for the counterfeiters. Hard times for the working class. Forced debt bondage (economic slavery) to the counterfeiting class. Class warfare controlled by the bankers and their fake disability military. Civil rights violations using the dollar as a weapon. Doesn’t always have to be a gun.

  24. Inflation is on the way up.

  25. He is on track people
    Destroy all Eurodollars
    6-6.5% final fed funds rate
    SOFR to 7%
    Destroy all Eurodollars
    Destroy all Eurodollar leverage without a cost that will be paid to the US economy
    Drain all sources of liquidity, leveraged dollars
    Cutoff funding to slush funds
    create internal demand for US treasuries from abroad
    M2 money to $19T by 2027
    Money to be spent internally in the US
    Payback for 2008

  26. Or Scenario D) 2% inflation target becomes transitory and FED "monitors" situation couple years. No V shaped racevery or crash so both sides "loses"

  27. El-Erian one of my fave bears!!

  28. Up and down, up and down, up and down! Thanks, Mav!

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