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  1. 😂❤️u sir!!!

    You doing a great work here🫡

  2. Bro you are the best honestly parental guidance ever given freely to anyone..
    You are a person of purely human rights advocate and fair person.thank you brother

  3. Nowadays woman marry money 💰 not man

  4. Bro talk straight… woman are there for the man ,,to help, contribute, grow the wealth of the family.. not to love them and lock them up in the cage.its not Nigeria or Papua New Guinea.the west is the place of opportunity despite, utilise your sole mate to the best for the benefit of the family…that supposed to be the fundamental understanding in a marriage.. marriage was created and you twos started off and the man should love her wife and attached everything they want to do in life in the west… leave some culture aside as it doesn't help the families overall financial growth or family economy….

  5. I need to speak to you Phranq

  6. From Papua new guinea ….Thank you Franklin

  7. Logical thinking is obsolete in their thinking, society and culture mould their reasoning. For the fact these characters are imbedded in culture don't mean the behaviour is right

  8. Is it clamping down if both sides agree at the outset. If the men changed their tune when the women went to foreign that would be one thing- but they didn't

  9. With all this stories you're telling I can tell you majority of black women in the diaspora have bad attitude, ignorant towards marriage, greedy, toxic, bad attitude hence the sea of single parents with 123456 children with no male role model in the children's life hence the children resort to drugs, bad behaviour and some of the girls see boys as a substitute father and that result to teenage pregnancy. This is not about being a slave but rather to pursue a lifestyle most of them never had before. The black family is non existence in the diaspora. CHANGE YOU LOT

  10. Hello Mr. Phrankleen,
    Today I watched this video, I am so happy that I did and I want to thank you for talking about this subject.
    I learned a lot about things that happened in my life and set me back in achieving my dreams. As a fellow African from South Sudan, I can tell you that everything that you talked about as a Nigerian is the same in South Sudan. I live in the Netherlands, I was used by an ex a long time ago, I have moved on since then. I now understand how it happened because of you. Thank you very much❤️

  11. Exactly what i usually tell friends who are thinking of bringing their wives abroad especially the white man's county, you will regret it at last… Secondly most ladies who marry guys who live abroad are doing so to be taken abroad not for love or family building.. Guys open your eyes things are happening in this crazy world

  12. This man speaks the truth, but this not only applies to Africans, this applies to a lot of us African American descendants here in the USA as well

  13. Hi Phrankleen, what book was that you have?

  14. We really need people like you to open the eyes of those cultureralistic illiterate human being. I feel ashame of myself to treat human how to be human.

  15. Why are such men so obsessed with controlling their wives. The irony is its the men that cause the marriage to break in these types of situations. This is because they see their wives not as a partner but something to control for their own purposes. When you're being suffocated and you finally taste air, would you not run to where you can breath easily!. A husband is not a God! even God allows free will, so who is man to try and take away the free will of another human being!. Such men need to learn to remain single, most women will not tolerate a controlling man.

    Thanks @Phrankleen for your analysis.

  16. For speaking Yoruba make I subscribe straight……Baba ooooo

  17. 👏👏👏👏 I have no words for this segment….maybe a few…All the issues you have touched on affect most, if not all Africans in one way or another. We have turned "abuse" and "slavery" to African culture.

    My dad came to UK for a visit, saw my husband doing some chores and said "he is very supportive"…To me, my husband was contributing as a member of the household, just as I contribute to the kids school fees and groceries.

    I appreciate that I have a good man as a husband but our life in diaspora is the "NORM"!

  18. All i got from binch watching dis is " play the game……" However, men of all culture dominate dia women… arab and asian do kill dia women over honor system. Not just Nigerian men. but i got the message.

  19. Am proud of your intellectual content! It’s unfortunate we live in an where intelligent people are shrouded in silence and intimidated into submission in order to pacify the idiots amongst us.
    Cheers 🥂

  20. How about "agreement is agreement"……..If whatever agreement is going to change, i believe dialogue should play a big role.

  21. Always say what you want to say without all the protocol speech and delays.

  22. Phrankleen, your facial expressions are out of this world 😃. Have you ever thought about being an actor? By the way, you hit the nail on the head 🗣️. Soro Soke brother 🙏🤠

  23. Honestly bro,you are hitting the nail on the head,is it even normal at all for a man to abusing his wife?,I say absolutely NO.To me its all Lazy Men that lay hands on their woman for real.Husband abusing wife is no funking excuse for culture its a lie.Am a Yoruba Man and I have never seen my dad lay his hands on my mother so where on earth would I say I learned that from?.Check the background of men that do abuse their wife you would be shocked to know that they are Lazy!!!.🤷‍♂️

  24. You are very naive.When you live long enough, you will understand the real purpose of a woman

  25. I appreciate you. I thought you were going in a different direction, and you slam dunked the truth as it is. I HONOR YOU. THANK YOU.

  26. Massive Respect to this woman for standing up to her husband, that man is so toxic,I don't think he comprehends his actions ,what a looser he is, u have a woman so smart that can be of support to the family ….

  27. Regardless of her western education she was deceptive not open and untrustworthy. You sleep with a person spread your legs and now you have just equated your husband to a stranger. There is nothing wrong with a black american we were raised in money and this lifestyle that is new to African women migrating to the west. He was nothing more than a fuck boy on a leash

  28. Bringing a wife to a western country is abuse. She will go crazy and leave you with other men
    Leave her in Nigeria or lose her in west

  29. An Asian woman making money as well as the husband brings no disrespect, but European and African women disrespect their husbands to the proportion of the income. You can research to confirm.

  30. Speak out bro. you've a point here!

  31. Dear Phrankleen, you're a legend. Love your analysis of this topic, epic. Especially the culture bit, absolutely bang on. I have a lot to say but you have said it all, beautiful.

  32. Am scared dating a Nigerian

  33. Thank you Frankhleen. Teach us more about having clean hands when it comes to efa. Some people do bad things to good people for no reason. Stay blessed.

  34. I totally disagree with this direction. You are encouraging the destruction of Black families. Women are very susceptible to suggestion and perceived cultural norms. Whatever they see the majority of other women around them doing, they will follow. When they come to the West, they take on the values of Western women not realizing that they are destroying their race. You only have to look at the social vileness and chaos of families in the West to see that the family paradigm of the West is not working. Because of no fault divorce and government support, women are selfishly able to leave their husbands and take their children with them, forever destroying the children’s life opportunities. When you become a parent, your happiness takes second place to the care and maintenance of your family. If you are not willing to do this you should not get married and definitely not have children. This gentleman has provided some solid advice on African unity , but he is totally leading the listeners down a road of destruction relative this topic—primarily because he is not seeing the big picture. Africans are at a crossroad globally. By 2050, Africans will be 2 billion plus people, not including the diaspora. That will make 1 in 4 people globally African or of African descent. If African women continue to have children, we will be 1 in 3 people by 2100. If we continue having children at our current rate by and after 2100, the majority of the earth’s population will be African or of African admixture. Do you understand what that means. If we learn to work together, we could completely reverse our global economic and social standing. We could change the world forever for African people. The stakes are high. If we are smart, we will forget about our own happiness and concentrate on our descendants, starting with our children. But not just our own personal children and descendants but all of the children of African descent. We should have as many children as we can possibly educate and raise to be intelligent hardworking people who create instead of consume. For this to happen we need a two parent home. A single woman cannot raise a man or even proper woman without a father. She will raise wild animals. If you have any doubts, look at the Black single parent homes in Britain and America. They have been destroyed. This gentleman made that point so elegantly. Single parent homes in general have been destroyed in the West. All of it intentional. Women without husbands look to their husband/daddies, the government, not realizing that a system does no care for them and will only manipulated them for its own control and domination. When it no longer needs them, they will be discarded. Most Black males raised by single mothers will end up in jail, prison,dead, or a feminized weak male. Most of the daughters will end up pregnant out of wedlock. What he is advocating is the beginning of the destruction of current African/Black homes as well as the destruction of the novel opportunity that we have described here. It would be a shame for us to lose it all because of our self-centeredness and short sightedness. This makes a good segue to that alternate destructive road.

    Western countries are pouring billions into their failed vile social propaganda and programs for Africa. Their instruments of infiltration are many, to include Western educational literature, social media platforms, movies, television, radio, music, etc. Smartphones are their chief weapon of their destruction. This is why China so smartly pro-scripted the use of smart phones by their students during the learning week. Another one of their chief weapons is the spread of feminism and so called women’s rights. I say to you before God, this is a doctrine of devils and will further destroy African families and communities across the planet. In a family, the only right we have is to create decent children who will carry on our values and traditions through their children. The reason that the West is determined to spread their feminism, lesbianism, and homosexuality into Africa has nothing to do with your happiness or because they care about your rights. The global leaders are well aware of our golden opportunity to change the future of African people through our numbers. They want to put a stop to it before it is even begun. They would that Africans, the first of all men, remain the servants slaves of the planet. Is that what you want? If you allow them to infiltrate your mind with their family destroying filth and propaganda, we will remain at the bottom as the slaves of all humanity. Women are the key to this. If you do not deny yourselves for your race, for your people all will be lost. Do not go down to Sodom. The reason that they are pushing for so called female autonomy and feminism is because they know that if they can separate woman from the men in their communities, they will be able to manipulate and control the thinking women and by extension the destiny of their race. Men and women are made differently by God/Nature—however you want to consider it. It is true, no matter how much the world would want to deny it. Men are genetically the leaders of their families, their clans, their Nations and women are the keepers of their families. Women will end up following the male, like it or not, because women instinctively know that men are supposed to be the protectors of our families. If women do not follow their husbands, they will still follow a male, usually in the form of government. The government will represent to them a male figure. Let’s face it, it is men who own and run the world. They are hidden behind the politicians. When women do have wealth and power, it is still because men have allowed it to happen through a system set up and controlled by men, often for evil and greedy purposes. This is why we need the men of our communities to protect their women. That cannot happen when they look to others who do not care about them personally or their race. Those in government following the orders of those who would not see Africa rise want to see the destruction of African/Black families. If you follow their propaganda, they will win. They would destroy every last African if they can. To them, Africans are in the way. They are more interested in the vast rich land and minerals that Africa possesses than they are in African people. Africans are in the way of Europeans, Chinese, Arabs, and everyone else who would take all that Africa has. Where there is concern for the population, it is only in terms of a potential market to sale their goods and make their products —consumers and slaves . They will destroy the African families through the African women.

    Ok, enough typing. Forgive any typos. I hope that this gentleman whose platform I am typing on will not be too offended by my comments. I know that he also desires Africans to move forward, but if African women take on the rebellious spirit of Western women, we are lost and we can forget about that bright future that I spoke of. I hope that African women will maintain their gentle and conservative spirits and not take on the sluttish rebellious spirit of Western women. God help us all if you do. One more thing. If I did not understand something that you said or meant, my deepest apologies. I like you see the peril that we are in and have thought about African unity and advocated for it many years. If I see or hear something that I perceive will set us back, I feel I must speak out. We have so little time. Our window of opportunity is closing before our very blind eyes.

  35. Well it applies to political leadership as well. You pick the wrong leaders and nations are in turmoil and chaos.

  36. I love your topic brother, watching from Canada. one love and keep it up!

  37. A friend of mine is planning to bring his gf from 9ja to the US..I don advice am tire oo..he nor won hear word..he even caught her cheating while he was here..she was in an hotel with a guy n he called video call n he started asking her questions and she confessed and my guy thinks she wont do it I kuku find oyibo marry here..and she is loyal..we have 2 kids n life is good!

  38. Franklin I have been subscribed to you for a minute and I loved your commentary on this however what men don't seem to believe is that tragedies will never happen. If he was in an accident coming to and from work and he was killed that would leave her in dire straits. Because men can't see the forest for the trees because of their male ego they are always quick to say we didn't keep our promise she had the child she was bored sitting in the house she wanted to learn. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and she didn't want to do that if he had said okay I'm going to go ahead and let you work and we're going to have more kids and build our empire I would have had more respect for this man but instead he wanted to keep her feeble-minded so that she would never learn anything and she solely depended on him. This is so archaic I cannot believe that this man would do this to his wife. It wasn't like she didn't love him and she tried to reason with him. As usual he's going to blame it on the diaspora and moving away from where she was and getting an education and educating herself he should have respected her for her get up and go attitude. Her learning languages and whatever she had to learn to achieve what she wanted to is enough for me to give her a round of applause because she didn't sit back and say I'm not going to do anything because the first argument would be I'm out here working for you and our child and you're complaining about me especially if he decided to go out and have him a side chick no I'm on her side he's wrong he couldn't see the forest for the trees. He just missed out on his empire May the next best man that she marries win with her.

  39. 😆 😂 😆 🤣 , couldn't console myself. But this is so true. Africans we don't own our spouse's. So we have to role in accordance with what we want to be held against

  40. I would love to hear your take on religion. If you have done a video on this topic, please share the link. Btw, I am also a non religious African

  41. From 59:30 thanks frankly you are soo right people are wicked more than you can never imagine, you don’t even have to have anything to do with them before they started all their evil’s.

  42. Thanks bros, you side it all

  43. The passing on of generational and religious trauma is whats happening. People are not aware of how damaged the mindset of some of these content creators. It always people fighting each other, slapping children and sexual abuse….they call it content. Its time we as a people face how we were raised and the take action to clear and renew our minds. Thanks for bringing this to light with your platform.

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