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  1. You've fought all the difficult battles in your life, only to decide and bring mystery into your life with age pretex

  2. It does not matter what the circumstances surrounding your marriage is. Your marriage is what you make of it. Loose talkers are childish. We have to give up for the wife who does not wash her family’s dirty linen in public. Your wife is from a poor home she should abandon them in their poverty. If you treated her well and was repaid with wickedness she will get her own stop granting unnecessary interviews you are hurting your children by hurting their mum’s image.

  3. Divorce can be traumatising.He needs support from family friends etc

  4. He needs to stop giving interviews and move on. The wife is smart by just keeping quiet.

  5. Did you hear that “her father were poor “ that was before! Time change, isn’t it? 🤔

  6. Enough of this pls !!!! Whatever it is, don’t spread your dirty linen to the world, this is immaturity . There’s no marriage that doesn’t have stories. Both had once been in love man . Pls enough of all this tales. People know you are hurt , find ways to deal with it.

  7. I think them both outgrown each other

  8. This guy let me down he is the same one spoke bad about YUL

  9. Old time people say same knife stab goat it stab sheep

  10. I find Nina appalling, insensitive and narcissistic 🙄🤬 all the negative talk towards a woman you married and birthed children for you.😢

  11. This is normal when one of the couples family involved is extremely poor. The poor family will always use the rich family. Even they can kill the rich to cliam his or her properties and money.

    Its dangerous to marry poor woman or man .its a big risk . Better to marry average family that will not be desperate.

    I come in peace

  12. What’s the point in blabbing? Ninalowo likes attention. It’s always the woman’s fault unless she gets killed. Na dem sabi

  13. So is he saying she trapped him with the baby? What is all this, people should not say what they wil regret later , why get her pregnant in the first place?

  14. Him go explain tire.Running mouth

  15. What is wrong with her filling in for her Mum? Just asking! Well you were used and yet you had two lovely kids for you. Also she wants to get pregnant for an Americana now. Who doesn't?1?!

  16. And his belief in this woman had killed the relationship from the beginning

  17. Regardless of the reasons for their separation, they are adults and should stop airing their dirty linen in the public. Nobody needs to know your marital history. It didn't work out, so move on. Please stop upsetting and embarrassing your kids. Zip up your trousers, take precaution and use protection. You are no longer 24.

  18. What we think about their marriage is irrelevant! Their life their choice. As per the wife being silent, it’s not everyone that is into this social media madness. Some people still have some sense to realize that not everything needs to be out there, not everything needs to be discussed or thrashed on social media.

  19. Her Silence speaks volumes powerful

  20. Toyi was so emotional 😢😢

  21. This guy his lying i watch an interview when he said he meet her on a party he attended with his Mum , now his saying he meet her in the street 😅😅😅😅😅.

  22. Welcome back to our excellent channel 👍💯

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