Bodycam: Teen Beaten in School Bathroom Brawl Died The Next Day

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Bodycam: Teen Beaten in School Bathroom Brawl Died The Next Day

Bodycam and security footage show the moments surrounding a physical altercation in an Oklahoma high school bathroom involving a teen who died one day later. Owasso authorities said Nex Benedict got in a spat with three other students who allegedly bullied the 16-year-old, resulting in Nex’s retaliation. Nex later spoke with police in the…



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  1. We call the bullies victims now, and the victims the bullies. “She” wanted a reason to be the victim. She was probably in everyone’s faces about being “non binary” and trying to provoke them to claim victim status, and they probably got sick of it.

    A girl I went to school with had a deformation in her legs but could still get around slowly. Her legs were her excuse for everything. She pushed everyone out of her way all the time, she complained when she rarely didn’t get the front of the line and felt sorry for herself, she had a very nasty attitude, and cried when people even slightly stuck up for themselves in any way because they were “mean” to her. She actually was the one bullying everyone else, yet she was the “victim” all the time and the teachers reinforced her behavior.

    Well one day the teacher had to leave the classroom for a bit, the deformed girl was talking crap like usual, so another girl (who was sick of her crap all the time) stood up, verbally ripped her apart in every way imaginable, and threatened to take her outside, and from that day on the deformed girl finally stopped all her bs.

    This narrative is getting old.

  2. And the school should’ve called the ambulance and police parents let there kids go to school not only to learn bc it’s deemed to be a safe environment 🤦🏽‍♀️they should’ve immediately done some about it reporting the kids

  3. Per the state medical examiner “16-year-old Nex Benedict’s probable cause of death as combined toxicity from an antihistamine and an antidepressant.” It had nothing to do with the fight.

  4. Mom needs to file that report and those charges!!! That officer is wrong about "throwing water" being assault and battery. It is a chargeable offense but it's not assault and battery.

  5. when society collapses, and i'm pretty sure that'll be any day now, it's going to be tough going for the them/they/us/we and alphabet soup crowd. better get those wardrobes squared away now.

  6. This is a world issue, how these kids think' is a serious fawkin problem. What is happening!?

    At which point are straight individuals protected?

    For this person to fling water… the individual cause natural consequence.
    may have been a life consequence.
    You cannot assault another individual because of words.
    Some kids may not feel that they have support when picked on by the confused community.
    Most are very mean because of the mental fight They're having.

  7. the teen didn't die as a result of a trauma? it means her death has nothing to do with what happened at school, right?
    this whole video is misleading.

  8. If they didn't die as a result of trauma, then the trauma of being beat definitely affected their body in such a way they could not handle. What a horrible pain inflicted on such innocent people 😔

  9. Let me change the title to be truthful.
    Teen who poured water (which is assault) on kids who were "talking about her" got beat up and committed sxxxxxx the next day"

    There. Now attack me.

  10. Is Nex male or female? Forget the whole woke ‘they them’ pronouns. That’s irrelevant. Seems like a male named Nex.. entered a female washroom, threw water at a girl.. or girls & got beat up for it. If that’s a male entering a female safe space, that’s not ok and physical violence may be needed to keep a man out of that area. The fact that Nex attacked a girl with water in that safe space for females.. it’s a sad situation, but don’t pin it on the girls who had to put up with this non binary nonsense. Also, seems Nex may have overdosed.

  11. It's a shame that that happened but if they were really them then they wouldn't have gotten jumped by them🤔 wrap your head around that, just saying🔥🔥🔥🔥⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️💯👊👹

  12. You know what's sad is this is what Republican parents are teaching their kids is to hate people who are transgender or different. They do this because of the rhetoric the right wing media feeds to them. Its absolutely disgusting