Blood Diamonds and Religious War In The Central African Republic

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Blood Diamonds and Religious War In The Central African Republic

The Central African Republic is one of the poorest countries in the world, but it is also rich in natural resources. One of the official mining sectors has collapsed amid the country’s ongoing conflict, and now both sides are benefitting from the illicit trade of gold and diamonds. Clashes over control of the many mines have also created…



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  1. why does my race have to be among the stupidest people of humanity. it pains me as a black man to see this condition. why would you make religion that did not originate in our home continent a reason to fight your own black brother? And why would you exploit your resources to other races of people for profit?

  2. why would my race of people fight each other over religion when they have been oppressed by colonialists and they have interests of the West and the Chinese to steal their RESOURCES

  3. Dear Africa,

    Christianity and Islam are the means through which Africa is controlled and destroyed by outside people

    Leave both Christianity and Islam, The Africa will be prosperous


  4. Corruption and Africa is synonymous with each other .Until they accept their role in the poverty cycle they will continue to turn up in Europe and the cycle will pollute that culture too.

  5. Sorry but the Muslims came into the land trying to turn it into a Muslim country and now complain when people defend themselves against their own ideologies? Have we forgotten what Muslims have been doing in other African countries? Killing civilians for the sake of their religion? What about the west? Bombing themselves to go to heaven? I don’t buy their cries

  6. Hey interstellar if you look down in narrows or Wolf Creek Virginia there's a bridge I'm right beside it there's this wood plank but there's also this rock wall but it kind of looks like the edge of a boat going up and then you got this concrete piece that looks like a triangle but out in the water there's this little plumbing tube I'm almost sure it connects everything not just that but this whole areas been flooding all these countries while all the repetition of their works between these schools are being stolen from them and the people and all these families are trying to blame me cigarettes while they're getting sick

  7. HOLy Wars have already begun 80% of Biblical prophecies have come TrUE!! That means it's 20 left and it's going to get worse blood will continue to hit the fan even harder

  8. Imagine being a empire that's so greedy that they've made billions and trillions of dollars and all you've given them in return is dust …. that's why Africans hate the british

  9. Top note booking kids child for vision mondial bullshit detected by privacy child shield did i open a video there was a puke smell in my nosed top pornhub all into guild u have no medic ur astuce its rice making talshit back reign of strategie againt blue xrystal of titanic 1989l05l010th

  10. When leaders only think about there own interest they will find a ways to preserve their money,power and position. This is an example of this. Sacrificing your own people lives. Creating division just to maintain that power. Africa nations is a promising country they only need a leader who's priorities was the people of the country. A leader with a political will and love for his/her people is number one.