Black Voters' Interview Results Show Joe Biden Is Already In Trouble

Black Voters' Interview Results Show Joe Biden Is Already In Trouble

@vickidillardtv reports on Black voters are not happy to vote for Biden in 2024.


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  2. They invited illegal immigrants than dropping in Black community because Black community because cheaper rent , land than they will move black community out to their community

  3. Black voters are full of themselves. Look, Black voters are going to be inconsequential. All of these illegal migrants coming into this country, that's where the Democratic Party is going to start focusing. Blacks WILL be reduced to the Asian votes, trust that the Democrats will focus as equally hard on the Black votes in the upcoming elections.

  4. Obama is behind Biden. And black African Americans will listen to Obama and will forget about everything. And they will fall for it again.
    Sooo, don’t complain if the Democrats take advantage and use you Again.
    You have proven that no matter how bad you are treated or how much they abuse you. You will vote blue, no matter who.

  5. The Black people need to stop votein for them people 😮

  6. Black Voters Holds the Results and Democrats as well Republicans Wear the same Faces🖤

  7. Great video coverage Queen 👑 lets show the Democrats no tangibles no reparations no vote

  8. Say no to Joe Biden and to anybody with his mindset the Democrats has never did anything for the black communities say no to Biden

  9. The Democrats are trying to buy the African American votes… Don't fall for it.
    Great content. Keep it up.

  10. Biden is too busy helping to usher in the new world order Wake up!!

  11. Presidents past and present don’t work for the people they work for the globalist and the Elites. With exception to those who were assassinated – they worked for the people or at least
    Attempted to. Both Democrats and Republicans are 2 heads of the same snake.

  12. For real they shouldn't even hold any intetviews with these nuts. ignore ignore, ignore, GET ON CODE. IGNORE THEM

  13. Our Replacements Are Already Here That’s Why Biden Opened The Boarder’s 🗣️ Once Again They Manipulated The Black Community Using Racism And Celebrities, Athlete’s, 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤷🏿

  14. The DemoRats and Redumbicans ain’t doin nothing for Black Folks‼️‼️
    Let’s vote for the candidate that’s gonna pay reparations‼️‼️

  15. Yeah we know what "doing it early means" we watching 👀 good this time! You aint ga bamboozled me! I am on the other side bby! No democrats for me this go round!

  16. Democrats love that black Americans have the wool over their eyes that republicans are the "white party". Keeps you on their political plantation. They don't think they have to do anything because you're so afraid of "WS".

  17. Apologies

    2020 exit polls state

    Black females voted 94% for ol joe Biden The female vote out votes every male vote every time.. and is now letting in Alot of corruption more and more Yall are killing the country so repeal the 19th amendment before it's too late!!!

    Or else women are gonna vote the country into destruction..
    Here now at present.. NUCLEAR DESTRUCTION



  20. Everything is out in the open . The woke us waking up

  21. I hope Black Americans remember this at the voting ballot. Some of our people always forget and give the Demoncrats a last minute pass by voting them into office again.

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