Black Students Allege Racism During Escape From Ukraine

Black Students Allege Racism During Escape From Ukraine

“They consider white people before considering Black people,” said Ghanaian Ethel Ansaeh…


  1. meantime YT liberals "STAND WITH UKRAINE" but also say "BLACK LIVES MATTER".

  2. What are they looking for in Europe ??? Should live in own countries. It's only to us to decide who can live in our country. And who can't. In my EU country immigration from Africa and muslim countries is banned. OUR HOME OUR RULES.

  3. Very good, it's Ukraine, so Europeans will get priority

  4. These people that are getting free flights into our countries and homes and food all need to be re-educated before allowed to work go to parks or anything because they need to leave their racism at the door and our government needs to take care of this now because it’s only gonna be a problem when these racist people find other races people they need to be re-educated

  5. Humans need to love each other no matter what color or race people really wake up everyday wasting time on their lives listening to politics

  6. Sorry, not sorry. It's a war zone. What's next? Complaining about littering or jaywalking in Ukraine?

  7. Why would you even go to Ukraine to study?

  8. Black students ALWAYS allege racism!

  9. Read the comments on YouTube threads showing black people. Are we surprised? Whte people been doing this sh*t but we act surprised. Once you accept that 99.99999999999999% of whte people are racist watch how different the world looks and the air smells. I deal with them the same way they deal with me which is zero to none unless it’s money being exchanged for a service or business and that’s it. The majority of my Brothas and Sistas want to be accepted by those people sad as it sounds.

  10. I hope and pray Russia will win the war.

  11. Firstly. In a war, people are terrified. They will then do ANYTHING to keep them and their children safe.Secondly. Young, healthy, strong men should stay in the country and defend it. Mothers with children, the elderly, the sick, the wounded and the disabled they should be evacuated. They are not a threat to anyone. Thirdly, those foreigners who want to stay and help should do it. The rest should go away and not disturb you. Those foreigners who have sentences should either serve them in prison or forcibly go to the front to atone for their guilt. THIS IS NOT RACISM. IT IS JUSTICE. Comparing Ukrainians fleeing the war to neighboring safe countries with Syrians who have given up their refugee status in order to look for a new, better future, it makes no sense.These are two completely different things. to call it racism is a mistake. So is the arrest of a criminal, which when the offender is a stranger is called racism.CALM DOWN.We are not racists.We care for the well-being of our women and children.YOU WOULD DO THE SAME! if you only had a little honor instead of big words.

  12. It’s easy to claim racism so you can leave the country you freeloaded off of instead of stayed and fought bunch of freeloading migrants

  13. Well u ever think theres hate in every race nothing going to change ever

  14. This is not true no one like someone full of hate get it straight

  15. Ukraine is racist towards black people so that's why Ukraine is being punished

  16. Very common In Europe , especially Eastern Europe , why would anyone who is ethnic wanna go there anyways? It’s not America or anything it’s friggen Eastern Europe … small minded village peoples who just wanna survive and they’re not doing well at all …don’t forget not too long ago they were communist , and it’s popular even In communist China to harass ethnic groups … it’s part of communism and socialism .. it’s a fundamental of it even .. blah humanity is silly

  17. So this is why Biden increased gas for racists now I’m trump 2024 I hope he knows better than to support these racist Ukrainians

  18. Your world stops spinning without racism…

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