Black Stars Goalkeeper Richard Ofori Reveals Why He Made Mistake & Ghanaians Attαck Team At AFCON

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Black Stars Goalkeeper Richard Ofori Reveals Why He Made Mistake & Ghanaians Attαck Team At AFCON

Black Stars Goalkeeper Richard Ofori Reveals Why He Made Mistake & Ghanaians Attαck Team At AFCON

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  1. The keeper is a fool because he made a mistake? Guy, repeat that again if you have never a a mistake. Look look at all the saves he made, you easily forgot all of that. Guy, I am soo disappointed in you😢. The fault as we see as is the black stars is not but we are at fault for not praising them when ever they did well and comfort them because no one will represent a huge nation like Ghana and purposely want to loose. So please reframe comment again.

  2. You guys are just ungrateful, you should understand that everyone makes mistakes, during Gyan's time, he did very well but this Ghanaians focused on his mistakes and even forgot all the effort Gyan gave. Look at what is being done to Kudus even as he performed superbly well. For all I know if you guys want good things from this national team, you will have to change your mind set and give them your maximum support. I mean to say…. even when they were still playing, all these pastors were discouraging them and a whole lot, I am a student and I know how far you can go if the people you call your own give you the support even when you make mistakes because I have made many mistakes and I am fighting to stop making mistakes. How do you think I keep persevering? It's because the people(my parents) motivated me and believed in me so there was no need to give up. Please Ghanaian, we have lost shamefully, I know, but booing them isn't going to make things right, we need to believe in them and give them the maximum support!!!!

  3. I AM Mozambican but I really agree with you brother. Gyan os no longer heard about but os One of the neste gold produced in África that made África great One day throug the tema of ghana. Se should praias out Heroes.

  4. As a South African, and a ardent fan of the Ghanaian national team, I'm disappointed at the way the fans booed their heroes. They're not infallible beings. Any game brings its own own emotions and attachments. But for as long as we love and support this beautiful game, we always need to have room for surprises and disappointments. The Ghanaian team is not out yet, the playoffs may still grant them a come-back. Let's not do what we did to Gyan. The Black Stars can still do us proud !!

  5. I know we are all saddened by the outcome of the match. But lets be fair, what happened to Dede Ayew could happen to any other person. Every footballer can testify. Lets take it easy on them.