Black Americans Can Build Africa Into The Most Powerful Continent In The World

Black Americans Can Build Africa Into The Most Powerful Continent In The World

@ondirooganga reports on the idea of Black Americans choosing to help build the continent for it to become powerful.


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  2. As an African American who has lived in multiple countries, what Akon said is 1 million percent correct. I agree and i’m constantly drawn back to Africa its on my mind almost daily. The best friends i have ever made in adulthood has been Africans, they are the most helpful and considerate people i know, next to family. In fact they are my extended family and i love them as such. Plus the opportunity to build and grow businesses is unparalleled. We must move quickly people, peace ✌🏾.

  3. There are plenty of opportunities in America for black Americans. But it does take hard work, education, and self-discipline. Many black African immigrants thrive in the US. A lot depends on attitude and culture.

  4. Personally; I can make a financial killing anywhere outside of The Matrix, while at the same time, uplift the people who are already there. I'm already Certified in several blue-collar skills; having my own HVAC company,, an Electrician and a Certified Welder.

    I also specialize in white-collar fields of study (marketing, private hedgefund equities and stock management, where I create my own lanes in business, managing private clients as well as my own portfolio). I'm what you call a jack of all trades forsa. Nevertheless; when I travel around the world, I look for opportunities to where a country/communities may have a greater need, that no one has ever tapped into.

  5. If what Akon says is true about the having the natural resources and the population then Africa's past to present history, ethics and reputation should've spoke for itself.

  6. I really like the sound of that, akon akon for real.

  7. why did he have to say “ they know we not gonna do that” don’t poison the content with that statement!!!!

  8. Haha…. That title is comedy of the year & a pure RAW fantasy 🤣
    Africans just need to stop their BS ing & get with it, it starts with the stupid GREEDY pot belly so called leaders.

  9. Why ??? Africans IR Africa hasn’t done anything for black Americans

  10. Thank you for this channel ❤

  11. Black American dummy will bring the white American dummy with him to Africa and f*** it all up

  12. After that idiotic speech by the Ambassador to South Africa talking complete BS about SA supplying Russia with guns anybody could see the US Gov was using this guy. The Ambassador continued to talk blubber I suggest the African Americans are with the program, the Black Americans of all kinds wants to take us back to the plantation. Not all skin folk are kin folk


  14. But are y'all down for the fight and if soon when y'all come here y'all can help us and not say we are lazy.

  15. I've been saying this for a long time. The amount of African millionaires in America is a million plus. Exodus out of America.

  16. Not that i dont support this movement; but how you gonna shyt on American Blacks in one interview and then want us to build a nation you claim has so much of a better work ethic than us? Blessings and curses can't come out the same mouth, my guy.

  17. Akon is also prejudice against black Americans and has said some pretty disparaging things about us.

  18. Nah I'm not buying it. Ive watched videos of people losing land just because a better buyer showed up. Its the mentality. Pan Africanism is an American thing. Lets keep it a buck 💯

  19. Want us to move "back" when they don't even live there (or want to)… Math ain't mathin'

  20. personally avoiding the group pack herd philosophy! has this schizophrenic “group” tactic work for (ALL) people. globally??? are we humans or animals? livelihood over culture all day. what is black, or the struggle? mentally shackled it appears still. been pulled over by police and slept well that same night. govern yourself accordingly don’t fight fuss or flee easy, when your solid your solid. also what y’all think all so called black people together will end stupidity or something? that would be one of the most toxic counterproductive environments for awhile sorry. I’ve seen niigas litter and shoot up there own hoods. 😂😂😂
    💐 “black culture” antiqued outdated and ought to be archived or burned. defund the police more like reform your ignorant methods.

  21. Negroes are indigenous to America. Sorry people.

  22. We are not coming over there. No, no and NO.

  23. Working on it.
    Truly appreciate your narrative. Sister.
    Love from Black America.

  24. Lol not with an average 60 iq…😂

  25. The message that Akon is presenting should be for those who sincerely have it in their hearts to come to Africa and help build and develop countries. For those who are not feeling the call, don't pass judgement, just fall back and do you. Like the Bible says, those who have an ear, let them hear. Not everyone is meant to hear this call. For those of you who want to go, I pray for your courage, confidence and persistence to make Africa the beautiful well developed and tranquil place it was meant to be.

  26. These comments are disappointing as a Pan Afrikanist but still won't stunt my goals and aspirations to build with fellow Black Afrikans in the diaspora and the motherland

  27. Man this is true. They don't show us the real Africa just the Jungles and poor parts

  28. What about China? Seem to me they're making themselves at home as well. Yoi should control your land and set rules and regulations and if violated pick your guns and force them to listen

  29. Huh did I hear him say dual citizenship?? No? Hmmm how weird 😅 stfu Akonvict

  30. Eventually my Black Kings and Queens.. We will rise together in Africa the ancestral birth place our fathers and mothers.. We will build a new Africa for all our people.. nothing can stop that coming wave..🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾

  31. 1:13 😏 Please, as divisive as the Motherland is amongst themselves, there's no way they'll embrace FB 🇺🇲 We'll be met with jealousy and envy‼️We see how SA treats Nigerians & Zimbabweans. Then there's Ghana 😐 Their gov seized, and tore down a Brotha's home/Resort, while carrying off with his business equipment & bldg hardware. Then there's the Detroit sistahs who were murdered..Nah… I'm straight right here.


  33. Tell h im to stop using the N WORD

  34. Its like a drug unfortunately😩

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