Binance FREEZES Bitcoin! (US Banking Turmoil)

Binance FREEZES Bitcoin! (US Banking Turmoil)

Bitcoin frozen on binance?! How will the deteriorating economy affect crypto throughout the rest…


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  1. I’ve given many people swirly’s!! Y’all’s just candy a$$ 😂😂 JJ

  2. I really like when deezy is hosting. Ben is too much of topics talking about his kids and whatever

  3. BPL57SYQ27
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  4. Ben backing $BEN memecoin! Get in early!!!!

  5. Not down with 🐸💩 coin💯

  6. I’ll never buy shit meme crap only utility coins y’all can have them💩💩💯

  7. I think deazy you are so well rounded. I don’t know how you stay up on everything

  8. bulls taking a two month vacation

  9. what is the percentage in the last two months that ben has actually show up and did his own show? the last 6 week he has been on 12/30 shows which is 40%

  10. The whales just scammed you all again

  11. How many dead subscribers does Ben own?

  12. When compared to Bitboy Crypto, Paul Barron Network is a breath of fresh air.

  13. Can’t wait for BTC to pump so Frank can still claim he “called it” on todays steam!!! I can hear it now….”I did tell you guys it could go up or down.”

  14. I am already in BitLab Academy from when it first launched. Do have to sign up for the new one at the new pricing?

  15. Uphold has pepe low fees

  16. Man I been a day one guy and I honestly need to take a break from this channel. I don't even got a problem with Deezy, I like him on HIS SHOW. I go to HIS SHOW to watch Deezy. it's just like man we can't catch a single groove with the show, every week different people, I just a completly different show depending on who is there. Last year was my favorite year and this one is by far my least favorite. I gotta take a second and reset and come back cuz right now the show feels like a drag. If I pop back on in 2 months and it's Deezy or one of these other guys I'm gunna lose it lol

  17. Clickbait title guys. what the f?!?!

  18. Lightning network is solving this issue, why not people using it?

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