Big Women Big mad and Educated Black Men

Big Women Big mad and Educated Black Men

Big Women Big Mad and Educated Black Men

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  1. This is what happens when you date 6ix9ine. Date ppl wit character and you’ll get better outcomes

  2. Nice💋💋💋💋❤❤❤

  3. Did you people know that there's almost as many "Big Melvins" as there is "Big Shirlys"? The Obesity rate among Black Women is 80%. But, the Obesity Among Black Men? Take a Guess? 70%… That's right. Only a 10% difference and you factor in Men are suppose to be more active, digging ditches and whatever Kevin Samuels said… But, Y'all JUST AS FAT. Now, here's where the Hypocrisy comes in… Guess who's doing the Fat Shaming? BLACK MEN… most of em FAT! Let this sink in because there are a lot more hypocritical views out there in the Manosphere. CG, let's but this on the chat docket as well.

  4. If black men don't have a taste for Curry women, he'll eventually develop it. Especially those few black tech guys we have.
    The black men that are well educated and paid are not interested in black women that require dudes to be obnoxious and crazy. Our culture is crippling many people.
    That curry comment had me laughing.

    Also most single curry women I met don't have kids with different men which lowers a woman's value.

  5. Yep, White people also think that black men need to fit some kind of football player image as well. I tell people this all the time.

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