Biden honors Kenya with state visit to White House

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Biden honors Kenya with state visit to White House

President Biden welcomed Kenyan President William Ruto to the White House on Wednesday for a three-day state visit. Ruto is the first leader of an African country to receive this honor since 2008. CBS News senior White House correspondent Weijia Jiang explains the agenda.

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  1. Ummmm. Did we DEM hypocrites discuss Kenya Slavery? According to the 2023 Global Slavery Index, an estimated 5.0 in every thousand people were in modern slavery in Kenya at any point in 2021. In other words, 269,000 people experienced forced labour or forced marriage in Kenya in 2021.

  2. This nonsense needs to stop. You all know very very well this is not the real Joe Biden. You know the main individual playing him is actor Arthur Roberts who is going to be 86 years old in August and suffering from dementia himself. He blew his cover multiple times since he was hired by the democrats in 2019 to deceive the american people. Don't you think it is about time to let the people know that Joe Biden died years ago at Walter Reid in DC?

  3. Ohhh , does that mean Biden will hand out taxpayers money to Kenya now ?? Billions to match Chinese investment in the region (Africa). Politics , and optics are getting to expensive for the US economy !! Time to put the breaks on , full stop !!

  4. Honours my foot! The guy used 1.5 million dollars jet. While doctors are on a strike…Kenya has its problem…I don't think they can be solved by that grapa in the white house

  5. We would like to ask why the Chinese government supports Russia's division of Ukraine? Splitting other countries and shouting after thieves!

  6. Meanwhile they need Kenya's police to be their hired guns in HAITI, a people we as a nation have no vested interests to want to meddle in their affairs. IN the wake of geopolitical tensions and the need for political correctness.