Betty Lipa Deni Ama Nikuanike!Aki Ogopa Marafiki Betty Shares Experience Owing Her Friend Money.

Betty Lipa Deni Ama Nikuanike!Aki Ogopa Marafiki Betty Shares Experience Owing Her Friend Money.


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  1. This is why I don`t borrow money from anyone and I don`t borrow money to anyone. If I need to borrow I go to the bank and deal with them. You cannot trust friends. Nowadays alot of friends are wolves in sheeps clothing. Be careful out there. Its a jungle. 🤑💀☠

  2. People 😢😢😢 nowadays are so bad … you lend them money and they will use that as a way of ending friendship.. The safe way is I stay with my money I save the friendship .. mshwari and fuluza came for us all

  3. Me too I have debt 😂. Infact, I haven't paid my rent, food, clothes and water bills 💦.

  4. This woman Betty she flaunts all her wealth she pretends she has on social media but it is a show off this people who pretend to be celebrity posting all over social media she is very proud maringo mingi pay your debts stop flattering all what u have on social media but here in kenya we have very rich people who don't show what they have on social media Betty likes to show off and one thing she is getting old she needs to get married and settle down unazeeka mama na

  5. Why would you wait for them to ask for their money if you had it in your account??? I'm sure you humbly borrowed…

  6. Na hiyo sio NCBA bank! Ile loan ako nayo NCBA bank inashtua.

  7. Dawa YA Deni Ni kulipa hata kama ni kidogo

  8. She went to the account and removed colossal amount if money…..why wasn't she paying if she had cash in the account?

  9. I always say lend at your own risk like you are giving a gift and you will be at peace when someone doesn't payback. If you are not ready to lose $ then DON'T do it.

  10. But if someone led you money ,u should pay back as per agreement without complaining,,😏

  11. But where is the problem with paying back someone's money. Maybe for the friend to have reached the extent of threatening to expose Betty it's because all other ways of claiming their money were not successful. For Betty to have gone to the bank and withdrawn the whole amount and paid it shows she just didn't want to pay her friend's money in the first place which is wrong.

  12. Aseme tu aliogopa kua exposed because she is a celebrity na angefeel embarrassed…….

  13. Relatives na frnds sio watu wakukopesha for real

  14. Relatives na frnds sio watu wakukopesha for real

  15. Betty no sympathy here. She was a good friend to lend you money, the fact that she had to get to threats means ulimulenga akachoka. Good for that friend!!

  16. Sasa kama account iko na pesa, mbona ukope and not pay instantly even if ilikuwa emergency?

  17. Mmmh one thing I know is friends doesn't pay back. Through experience. and they want you to continue acting like there's nothing. if you're not careful they will ask for more. and if you don't give as they want. They will gaslight and give you attitude mtu akope bank

  18. Lol alipe tu deni life isnt easy

  19. Preaching water and drinking wine

  20. Dawa ya deni ni kulipia tu akuna chenga

  21. So she had the ability to pay ni kukataa tu

  22. But si alipe tu coz she flaunts richness

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