Behind the Scenes of Rumour Has It Season 3

Behind the Scenes of Rumour Has It Season 3

Go behind the scenes of the third season of #RumourHasIt with cast interviews, never before seen clips and more.

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  1. Not Patrick mimicking Lord Lugard so correctly 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. The movie was beautiful ❤️
    I was always looking forward to the next episode
    Even though Nnenna died in the movie,I forgive the writer😏

  3. So are we going to pretend we didn't see Ozzy wildin' at 4:11 😂😂😂

  4. Ozzy Agu❤
    You dey act abeg😅

  5. Feels good to see "Toju" in this light😊

  6. This season 3 is a classic..👑

  7. Ndani, this is me shooting my shot. Would love to be a part of your next project!!!

  8. When can we also audition?

  9. Shoot your shot, life is short. What's the worse that can happen? He'll fire you but he'll still date you, you know? Nnenna face like who like death 😂😂😂

  10. I guys did an amazing job 🙌🙌

  11. I can’t imagine how i can relate with Deda now watching this…Toju bodied his role so effortlessly and that goes to Ranti too!
    I love the Nnenna and Daluchi sisterhood 🥰🥰

  12. i just love Ndani tv !!!!

  13. God bless you guys. I'm totally in love with ozyy and Patrick 🤦😭😭😍❤️

  14. This was funnnn to watch 😂

  15. Toju your quite and calm character is just bae for me!!!!!…and your love character omo is bam!!!!

    Watching this now eh….it's funny how you can be what you're in the character and almost a different person in reality!

    You nailed it!!!!❣️

  16. A man like Deda!! Looks like they all had an amazing time on set!!

  17. Nnene is so cute. Look her, her beautiful smile and all that.

  18. Well done to all the cast and crew. I really enjoyed this movie.

  19. Great work guys👏👏👏

  20. This was such fun to watch ❤

  21. Please @Ndani bring more series Fridays are very boring now 😩

  22. The my fan is dead part😹😹

  23. 'Life is short
    Shoot your shot'!
    Plenty wisdom from Elma. The character and the person seem to have sync. Lol

  24. RHI S3 was super dope, good to see what the production looked like.

  25. @NdaniTV I want to feature in your movies😭😭🙏🙏,when is your next audition?

  26. Looks like Fun but it isn't, you guys pulled a lot to give us an amazing stuff every Friday, Mehhnnn!! It's not easy to make a movie, let alone series, and not just series an NDANI WEB SERIES. Thanks you once again Ndani, you guys are the best. Biko we await for Season 4. Thank you

  27. Just really admire script writers. Kudos guys👏👏👏

  28. this Patrick Dante's voice is too low, kilodey!!

  29. 300th person to like this video😁

  30. Glad to see Ifeoma Chukwuogo!!!! 😁😁
    Y'all did so good yo!!

  31. What was in that ‘secret room’…

  32. Deda is now a big boy.. I remember him in suga

  33. This season was soooo good! Congrats to the writer and cast! I can't wait for the next production.

  34. This is was so good to watch…please be doing this for all your shows going forward 🔥🔥

  35. The cast and crew did a thing on this one! ⚡

  36. Ozzy Agu!
    Sheesshh! I love the man.

  37. The set look like a vibey one, I havent watched the last episode, Im saving it for this weekend. The show was really quite good, It became more and more interesting with each episode. Ndani…chuck knuckle

  38. Jemima Osunde is a beaut!!! And thats on period!

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