BBC Travel Show – Mauritius (Week 11 – 2018)

BBC Travel Show – Mauritius (Week 11 – 2018)

As Mauritius celebrates its 50th year of independence, Rajan Datar travels to this Indian Ocean…


  1. I loved one law that is council of religion …if this law applied in India then ?!!?

  2. This is where I'm from but I've never been there, I was born elsewhere. It's strange to be a foreigner of your own home.

  3. Looks multiculturalism is working there.

  4. Banla dir montagne morne la pu Yannature ( yan) so mama Sa. Mo remmercier Xavier boku Donne droit tou mauricien pu kapave monte le morne . Avan Yan avec Alan gambier ti dir montagne pu zot. Azordi asiz lor kok noir surtou yannature. Alan gambier la ene Move pln sa. Alan gambier la bizin pren ene nigerien ou ene ougander depuis afrique avec ene gro koq fair pil bien zirka li kaka dilo apre Sa fouet li bien meme Piler foueter piler foueter piler foueter aler meme Kumsa do
    .so papa bien fair dominer .

  5. Send me any amount of money to my bank account and I will return you 4 times the amount back

  6. Wow such a beautiful country! Must visit one day.

  7. The host's voice reminds me of the host on Masterchef the professionals UK

  8. Most people in Mauritius agree that horse racing is boring

  9. Welcome to my beautiful country

  10. Je suis fier d'ètre Mauricien

  11. Bravo Rajan Datar, what a great presentation.

  12. Je suis fière d’être une mauricienne

  13. I live in Mauritius which is very beatiful

  14. well i soon as i saw the helicopter..i knew i could not afford…

  15. I love Mauritius my family own a house in flacq beautiful little country

  16. Very interesting report ..I hope to go on November on this magic island …thank

  17. That story is not unique to Mauritius. in the 1500s, slaves brought from Africa to the island of Haiti (Hispaniola) escaped to the mountains were also called "les marrons". Those "marrons" became an essential part of the Haitian revolution which consequently defeated the greatest military might at the time, the French military under Napoleon.

  18. Need good friend from maruitius and reunion island, hope can do some business together.

  19. I loved learning about these islands in the Indian Ocean. It reminded me of the histories of the Caribbean.

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