Baba Ijesha, U Will Run Mad &Rot In Jail: Ronke Oshodi Says As She Talk About Yomi & Iyabo Ojo Fight

Baba Ijesha, U Will Run Mad &Rot In Jail: Ronke Oshodi Says As She Talk About Yomi & Iyabo Ojo Fight

“Baba Ijesha, You Will Run Mad And Rot In Jail” Ronke Oshodi Says As She Talk About Yomi And Iyabo Ojo
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  1. What’s the evidence to prove that he raped the girls for over 7 years ago let her bring it out madam and leave here with your space teeth

  2. Shut up jor , face ur own business

  3. Why coursing this is too much why because of what because he was dating his girlfriend and the lady was even enjoying it

  4. Short up were you there seven years ago nonsense before you can judge stupid Hollywood people’s awon asewo gbogbo shame on you you all and not only baba ijesha alone shame on you all

  5. Madam Judge so if he did not die in jail go there and kill him, u are advising lege what stops u from going there as well to confirm because vomitting trash.

  6. Ronke point of correction, Yomi is not defending Baba ijesha he is standing for justice, Ronke shut upn, he did not rape her go find ur fact right. How dare u come out and be vomitting trash is not nice the way u talking.

  7. Ronke Oshodi and others that quickly condemned Baba Ijesha. Now what will you say or omment now that tje case is becoming clearer.

  8. Baba Ijesha has been released now Ronke go to hell

  9. The only thing you let us know is that, princess set baba ijasa up, so she can know maybe baba ijesa raped that girl at the age of 7 years or not. But 7 years different is too much, why she didn't confirm it earlier?

  10. Olohun mo inkan ti enikan komo sugban emo gbe koto otaji

  11. You are semi illiterate…

  12. Seee how u ar taking cccctv koshidanun

  13. Osodi oke ma ru eru eleru .princess lo si ewon .ale ni awon mejeji. Ki o lo so ara re gidigidi .be careful


  15. Too many scandals among you. Hatred and jealousy.

  16. Princess should have raised her voice 7 years ago…… And looking at that girl, her body is saying 22 years not 14. Na wetin dey decieve baba ijesha be that

  17. We all should look into that video very well…. That's not the first time they're having that scene. And also princess knew something wrong is going wrong between them and she wanted to be sure if the act of 7 years ago was still in baba ijesha mind, that's why she brought in a CCTV footage to confirm

  18. Virusi Va Corona Na Bayana Ya Uwamuzi Wala Sio Mchezo ..

    Al'Imam Nasser Muhammad Al'Yamani

    19 – 05 – 2020 مـ

  19. Isele yi fi han pe ko si ife Larin yin
    Ohun ti Baba ijesa se oburu inu Olorun ko le dun si ko wa ye ki e wa ma gbe sepe oye ki e so iwa ibaje to wu sugbon ko ye ki eti itori re ma yeye ara yin ki awon eniyan wa ma ri wipe ko si irepo la rin yin ko da to

  20. Virusi Va Corona Na Bayana Ya Uwamuzi Wala Sio Mchezo ..

    Al'Imam Nasser Muhammad Al'Yamani

    19 – 05 – 2020 مـ

  21. Very bad story…. Nothing to write home about this act ooo! Very bad!

  22. Tangazo La Tokeo Ya Siku Ya Qadar (Leilatul Al’QAdar) Bora Kuliko Miyezi Alfu Kwa Yule Atakae Miongoni Mwenu Kutangulia Ama Kuchelewa ..
    Al’Imam Al’Mahdi Nasser Muhammad Al’Yamani
    02 – 03 – 2021 مـ
    👇🏻👇🏻 ٠

  23. indeed madam princess is a gooood mother how I wish we should have more mothers like princess,children will always see justice where is needed,cos their are some children out there suffering from same molestation but which they don't even have Courage to talk about which always gave them bad impression for man. I'm talking from experience,cos I suffered similar thing several times which I know one I will have justice on it

  24. How are mighty fallen… Ki olorun maje ki aye muwa o. Amin

  25. 7 years plus 7years is 14 years

  26. Hummn Ile aye, oro yii po ju……ronke epe yii po ju.. ….though it was so unfair sha…ki olorun ma je kari wahala laye wa….amin

  27. You are not a good woman you and iyabo ojo

  28. Only God can decide people's fate, no one to judge

  29. Mr Lege Yomi Fabiyi your acting career is over. Any movies you features will be doomed.

  30. Sister Ronke, you started well but you are unable to finish well
    We all know that they set him up, you don't need to swear for him again. I can see that their is no love among you guys

  31. He has open his belt already to pull his trouser. He's a mad man already.

  32. Well said sis, he's will rot in jail gossssh

  33. God bless u moi darling sis………U said my mind…….

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