At home care damaged her hair | Her relaxers won’t take What happens to relaxed hair if not care for

At home care damaged her hair | Her relaxers won’t take What happens to relaxed hair if not care for

Get ready for our Client Appreciation and Anniversary Extravaganza 4/18-4/20

Thanks for…


  1. This woman is way too rough on clients hair

  2. I loved it! But me being the perfectionist would have tried to straighten her kitchen (neck)

  3. I love your videos! Wish you were in the DMV

  4. Aaaaandn I keep cutting my hair thinking it is all damaged hair now I know

  5. This is my first time viewing your video. You are amazing!

  6. I love watching your videos! I wish you were my stylist.

  7. Thanks for info… my hair is definitely under processed.

  8. I didnt know they made strapless masks. Thats cool

  9. Tell me why I’m a 40 something year old white girl binge watching your channel… LoL
    I find your videos so informative AND relaxing to watch. You’re very skilled and your work ethic is amazing. Good on ya!

  10. Luv this style on her ❤️

  11. You are fantastic Crystal. Her hair looks lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Beautiful work and results, as always. 😊

  13. I have grey hair. When I relax, it turns green and remains green for a couple of days and slowly turns to yellow. I use purple shampoo but it does not remove the yellow complety. Flat irons seem to make the yellow worse. Any suggestions from you will be greatly appreciated.

  14. Semi color of course darling!

  15. Semi color. Of course darling.

  16. ; semi color Of course darling

  17. Come on Lady! Excellent work!!!😄

  18. What is that black gel you are always using? 🤩

  19. I’m loving the purple in her hair as well as that luxurious body…. Yassss!!!!

  20. Semi permanent, I really enjoyed your video.

  21. Wish you were in Hampton VA. Beautiful!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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