Arrival at Kraghammer | Critical Role: VOX MACHINA | Episode 1

Arrival at Kraghammer | Critical Role: VOX MACHINA | Episode 1

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  1. i’ve finally started watching c1 after finishing c2 and catching up on c3 idk why i didn’t do it in chronological order but i’m here now and it’s cool to see where they started and i can’t wait to learn more and watch more about vox machina i love these guys so much 😀

  2. where it all started, it's really jarring to jump from the professionally recorded character intros to instant audio issues…

  3. 3 whole campaigns to binge watch, I swear I will look as crusty as a elder gnome after this

  4. Why are the intros censored? A newbie here sorry

  5. There is a animated show for this now and I want spoilers lol

  6. Can anyone else tell me why the screen is just blurry during the introductions? I might be dumb, but I'm confused

  7. He cheats in the very first episode, insane. He fakes the initial nat 20 against the abomination. Fucking. Cheater.

  8. Now that I’m caught up with Campaign 3, it’s time to start from the beginning… It’s gonna be a long road!

  9. I have been meaning to watch Critical Role to see if I like listening to DND. Who's with me starting this journey now?

  10. Wait? Campaign 1 and they’ve already saved the world together? I’m confused? What’s the actual first campaign so I can start at the beginning?

  11. why is the introduction of characters blurred out???

  12. Can someone tell me why the introduction is censored 😭?

  13. I have just finished my first episode, I shall return here when I have finally caught up.
    I wonder when that will be.

  14. Does the audio quality improve fast? This is jumping between hurting my ears and being inaudible.

  15. How long is it gonna take me to catch up. An I gonna die before I get to the end?


  17. It's never too late to catch up.

  18. Oh boy, this is gonna be a long series, i don't think ill survive until the end.

  19. I think I am about to have the best binge watch ever.

  20. yeah the show brought me here

  21. So many missed inspiration checks

  22. Wait, I'm confused, why are all the introductions on a blurry screen?
    Loving this group so far! Excited to learn a lot more about Dnd!!

  23. Welp I just realized I have 7 years to catch up on, my boyfriend just got me on Vox Machina on Prime and it’s so good so far so I had to watch the actual campaign lol 😅😅

  24. Seeing all these comments about the sheer effort it takes to catch up or watch all these don’t scare me none. I recently just started rewatching one piece. For fun!

  25. In November last year (2021), I Discovered Critical Role had just started a new Campaign.i took that chance to start listening. When I caught up on C3, I started listening to C1. Jumping back and forward between C1 and C3 was a fun experience. My days at work are never mundane when I have these amazing stories to listen to. Every character is unique, funny, and loveable, and I'd encourage anyone to give it a go!

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