Arnold Schwarzeneggers Bulking Diet (5000+ calories)

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  1. Milk is for babies and eating raw eggs and raw egg shells could give you Salmonella. Arnold was on roids which was the main factor that gave him those insane results. The guys today all have guts because they are in 10x the amount of roids Arnold was on.

  2. Breakfast: normal
    Snack: normal
    Lunch: okay a lot of milk but normal
    Post-workout: normal
    Dinner: normal
    Huh, Arnold's diet was surprisingly norm-
    Shake: "one egg… wait except he doesn't crack it" [Joe tosses whole egg into blender]

  3. I'm presuming that over there eggs are well washed and sterile. Over here sometimes i still find slight feather and shit stains on the shell. I'd think twice before just dumping it into a smoothie.

  4. Too much for arms… YYou should not be doing a split routine!!! 2 to 3 days for full body! The diet is okay for you,,, but reduce the amount.. 1 glass of milk eat meal… I think 160-180 g of protein is more than adequate for you…

  5. từng này mà 5000+ calories á , thề cái kênh này toàn over mấy cái số calories vaicadai , theo như diet này chắc ngày nào t cũng ăn 4000+ calories trong khi 1 tuần t chỉ tập 4 buổi , 1 buổi 45p mà giờ t vẫn người gọn 1m75 60kg ,


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