Army Drill Sergeant Says GUNS Are the PROBLEM

  1. Guns are the problem, just like car are responsible for dui’s

  2. I live near a military base. The air shows with the blue angels. and the Thunderbirds used to be spectacular. Since they introduced female pilots to the flying teams. .The air shows suck there scaled down..Boring.

  3. So she's a REMF 🤷🏼‍♂️

  4. She’s a woman she’s to weak to take anything

  5. This is an idiot. Plain and simple

    What's going to happen is we as a nation are going to sit on our hands, and these type of people are going to continue to take control because we won't smack them back where they belong, and our nation is going to fall apart, and those who remain will have to pick up the pieces.

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