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  2. God bless you phrankleen, what you're saying is nothing but the truth, when you marry your soulmate designed by the universe, you find out that life and marriage is sweet.

  3. Poverty is bad everywhere in the world; being in the West doesn't make it nicer.

    Despite the welfare system people still struggle in the UK.

  4. lucky you are so smart i have been following you for a long time bro

  5. I had 2 jobs back home now I am a truck driver and work in the warehouse. It's so frustrating. I am going back home this year

  6. You are talking to me here. I had 2 jobs back home and I am driving truck, work in the warehouse. I am going back home this year

  7. Powerful message; much appreciated bro

  8. Phranklen some people will say you are fetish

  9. Can we pay in Naira? We the Nigeria people?

  10. Thanks l have seen the email address

  11. Can l have your email address sir

  12. God bless you Mr. Phrankleen!!! You have said more TRUTHS nothing but the TRUTHS. For those that have ears, let them HEAR!!!!!!

  13. People don't realize that the cost of living is cheaper in Africa. In the US it's hard to save $100 a month. Your bills will take every dime. Furthermore, people work two jobs just to make.

  14. Funny I saw a guy at Uni who makes a million working for a network provider,left the job came to uk using masters as a get away in the name IT is better in the uk .

  15. This is the truth! I've had over 40 jobs in the US and I've only been working for 13 years. It's like my soul has a threshold of nonsense from this invisible system. I am truly tired and have been mapping out my move as well as businesses to contribute to Nigeria's economy. Most people around me can't see past this invisible jail, so I must abandon them (mostly family) and pull this trigger.

  16. not even one live stream/videos you made /make have i not learn one thing or two.. Phrankleen you have no idea how you taught me a lot, opened my eyes at the same time to many things abt life,never knew there was so much more to life than just living.. thanx bro you are one of a kind, definitely going to get that IFA deviation..

  17. “Come home to yourself man”. U went in on this discussion. Keep it 🔥. Great one!

  18. How can l get divination with IFA lm not Nigerian though, l hope it’s ok?

  19. Phrankleen my brother from the motherland this is your calling. I wish you could do tours talking about this but unfortunately our people are too scared of this, the truth.Remember the book’ Law Of Attraction’? People went crazy over it oh you know what? Phrankleen write a book please we will buy it

  20. I believe no one should be in a hurry to initiate home ownership. Do your research very well before buying a property. Look at your income, progression of your income, responsibilities, market rates within your area and state, ease to pay off, your lifestyle and period you intend to live overseas.

  21. Phrankleen, neocolonialism is terrible.
    Even if one is earning $70,000 in Nigeria, we won't value it.
    We sell our buildings in Nigeria, and take mortgage that we won't finish paying till we are 70.

  22. @38:38 Aw hell naw!!!!. This guy really screwed up!!! He was making the equivalent of $10,000 per month (or even more) in Nigeria!!!!! Many people in the West don't even make close to what he was making in Nigeria. He should have stayed in Nigeria!!! It would have been better for him to just visit–and he could have visited a lot more countries and enjoyed himself. Oh well….

  23. This is madly deep and serious business. We were born in this fake reality. It's a tough thing to unlearn because unfortunately we keep ourselves in check so that nobody wanders away. We police ourselves. Thanks for this Phrankleen

  24. Another powerful video Phrankleen!!! The hypnotic spell of the white propaganda will close your mind to who you really are if you allow it. The west is designed to keep you enslaved under the disguise of materialism.

  25. 🖤🖤🖤🤎🖤🖤🖤

  26. Phrankleen the truth is that is not only that guy that left his 7 figure work in Nigeria. it is now trending in Nigeria especially in the banking sector where people who stay are seen as been laid back and not progressive.

  27. In The Gambia and Senegal, moreso Senegal, this is the norm. It's called 'listerharr', to see if your stars 'rawaan' are aligned. I believe it's a culture priest doing prayers and getting dreams or signs, gives you the outcome after seven days. Can be done for other things other than marriage but a must for most families before marriage. I do also recall it being said that if the two are not aligned there are prayers and offerings that 'may' help generate peace for the future. The risk is up to the individuals to take.

    We Africans have with our own mouths made black arts of the Gods to be diabolic.
    Yes there are negative practices but that indeed is with everything of not earthly. Religion as well as individual free will, we all possess miraculous powers of certain strengths, we knowingly or unknowingly use it, for good or for bad.

  28. Thanks so much Phrankleen for the enlightenment. I'm a Christian but I have learnt so much about the importance of spirituality by watching your videos. There's more to life than meets the eye. A lot of unpalatable experiences will definitely be averted if we take cognizance . Keep up the good work Phrankleen

  29. factory job is painful I have work in factory they make sure they work every hour out of you when you come home all you can do is lay down because you so weak. If I had a good job back home there is no way in hell I will leave that to travel to America or anywhere ever.

  30. Thank you Frank, God bless you for this, so many people make decisions of their feelings they don't consult to know if it's really their destiny.

    We need to be spiritual conscious as human beings so we don't keep making mistakes.

    And as for crazy Nigerians dumping their jobs and gold life in Nigeria to go and be servants overseas just shows the extent of colonial damage that have been don't to black people.

  31. My Dad was doing well in the late 70s up to mid 80s and used to threaten back then to send us away to London, a place where he had lived and studied. Came to realise back then life in Nigeria offered a superior experience to most Nigerians, hence why he used London as a threat.

  32. Bro Phranklin I listened to your every word. Piece by piece you carefully dissected everything that concerns our people. It is especially interesting that this topic is not being discussed within our communities. It's as if some strange "systematic" force is at work to continuously lure the children of Africa, and wholesomely trap us in the western world. I began to understand these things deeply, the more I observed and researched the diaspora community. I strongly believe that the oppressors are deliberately causing instability in our homeland nations.
    Most of our people are at the bottom of the economic scale. In the UK it's abysmal and deeply concerning.
    Brother what can we do to reverse this?
    Thanks for being authentic with your people 👍🏿👍🏿

  33. Your hand 🖐 is so huge 😃

  34. No one is coming from sky to save us. We save ourselves.
    We make a way for ourselves. We create our own reality. You are your thoughts.
    Thus is life. There is no right or wrong. The hell and heaven exist on this earth and not anywhere else. We are all here to shape the world whether we are aware of it or not.

  35. Fact. Like your video. Agreed with the religion part. I strongly believe in African spirituality, Orishas Goddesses.

  36. Thank you I love to hear you talk everything you say makes a lot of sense thank you again

  37. This type of critical- thinking, Phrankleen is what is so needed amongst us.

  38. After watching this video, I know I’m not crazy.

  39. Hey Phrankleen. Thanks for your channel. Maybe you, in partnership with an IFA Priest, could create introductory and advanced courses on IFA.

  40. What you have said here is so true.
    In the West, one is worked to death.

  41. Totally agree with what you are saying. You are a wiseman

  42. I think about these things day and night l. It’s like our reality has been altered. It’s takes divine grace for you to hold on to who you are as a human being and to find your true path through life.

  43. This in essence is the plight of black peoples here in the US.

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