Archaeologists in South Africa discover 'lost city' using laser technology

Archaeologists in South Africa discover 'lost city' using laser technology

*South African archaeologists have rediscovered an ancient lost city known as Kweneng using…


  1. Ancient advanced technology

  2. Sooo… where's the lidar imagery

  3. towns …. cities states ….no written records……all academic wishful theorising…Not ONE piece of hard practical evidence ….Just a horrific waste of our tax money …..

  4. The book African Temples of the Anunnaki: The Lost Technologies of the Gold Mines of Enki by Michael Tellinger is an eye opener. Or watch it on youtube (200 Thousand year old Technology – Sound Resonance Magnetics). Best 3hrs of history I've seen in awhile. And another resource of importance is The Africans Who Wrote The Bible by Nana Banchie Darkwah is a God send.

  5. I know something that you need to know 😇

  6. Those are kraals..

  7. I grew up in Elukwatini Mpumalanga and our area was full of these perfectly built ancient baSotho ruins and also tombs were there amazing history indeed..

  8. Huts with no entrance? Vibration energy harvest

  9. Strange they could not just use their eyes?

  10. them move at north 1 year ago

  11. Europeans should not be on these sites

  12. Records were destroyed buy colonialism

  13. Anunnaki landed on Africa (Abzu) 450 000 years ago. Read The Lost Book of Enki.

  14. Africa was much better civilised before the Europeans landed on their shores with Bible and sword in each hand.

  15. What civil conflict, they were invaded by Grecians.

  16. Where are the bones? This is conjecture

  17. Well done Wits. Lead the way lads

  18. Michael Tellinger and co who're spreasing the pseudoscience of their imaginary being called Annunakis are racists who can't appreciate that black africans are capable of having built stone civilizations!

  19. It was a animal kingdom. Doraemon movie ichi mera dost. They all left the planet and started to live in another like earth. 😮

  20. That's not a city, it's a series of huts.

  21. That's the true Biblical Jerusalem of True Bantu Israelites

  22. What about the ancient Gold mines With giant blocks in perfect square. Found Hundreds of feet below ground by miners an were told to cover up? Along with artifacts

  23. That’s far from city lol 😂

  24. It's not laser it's SASER, sound technology, check out Michael Tellinger it all makes complete sense.

  25. Kweneng was occupied by the Basotho and not Tswana. To be specific Bakoena ba Monaheng. Have a look at the demographics (census 2011) of the area it still reflects that reality.

    I know Prof Sadr owes great allegiance to the warm hospitality with which the Batswana have welcomed him , but reality is that the area around Heildelberg where Kweneng is located was and still is a Basotho area (@t

  26. Ancient Israel settlements… The truth must be told. Jerusalem was in modern day Kalahari desert

  27. why is it a city and not a town?

  28. Im tswana and clearly some of you are jealous. We tswanas are builders and have been lawful, organized and forward thinking people. That's why Kgosi Mangope wanted Bophuthatswana to be independent before he was dethroned. Why you think Botswana and Lesotho have been independent for so long. The english found the tswanas in botswana already using rocks and mud to build their huts. You guys are disrespecting Batswana. You think we're incapable. Search for eauropeans talking about Lesotho and Botswana. Our spirit is yet to reveal itself as builders, trust me.

  29. Apartheid history curriculum says Africans Arrived in SA in 1700 1800s, it says only the Khoisan ( there's no such tribe called the Khoisan, the took Khoe and Xam and conveniently made them into one tribe). Also apparently, according to Apartheid curriculum, the "Khoisan" are not an African tribe and also had no issues with Europeans taking their land.
    I asked one pro-Apartheid history white person where the Sotho ( Tswana, South and North Sotho) people came from and when, because unlike the Zulu who are big in stature and the the Zulu language having some similarities with Swahili, the Tswana and Sotho are small in stature, lighter in complexion and their language has no direct cousin in East and Central Africa, this means if they did come from Central Africa, their move happened 1000s of years before the Zulus, hence close genetical resemblance to the "Khoisan" which no one with a brain will believe it happened within a few hundred years. Also the Zulu language and its cousin languages of Southern Africa has very distinct differences from Swahili, this means that the separation happened 1000s ago.

  30. The Bantu are desperate find anything showing they had huts before the whites arrived.
    A PhD passmark in SA is 25%…for Bantu 😂😂😂

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