Apple's ALL NEW Electric Car SHOCKS The Entire Car Industry!

Apple's ALL NEW Electric Car SHOCKS The Entire Car Industry!

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  1. You make great videos. Glad I found this channel

  2. Simply make Lockheed Martin hand over free energy that they power their space craft with to everyone so that we can all advance and have complete freedom.

  3. All that is stock footage, artist renders and words. Which one is it, the new apple car? I saw twenty different crazy ideas, and not one decent or practical. You're all robots.

  4. apple has better security features like very basic feature the wireless key(mainly bluetooth), but apple has its own chip instead of basic bluetooth,

  5. Hopefully APPLE CAR keeps it's design very minimal and not SO LOUD and UGLY like other NEW EV cars!!

  6. Less me guess, the windshield wipers Pro is $499 a pair.

  7. Can't wait to buy this for $1,000,000 just to have an apple logo in front of a car


    Take orders on your cars.
    Test 60 cars dramatically for one month, before going into full production. Improve production glitches at this time.

    Then release a great car with no problems.

    If you can…. have computer adjusting suspension to lean down into the corner.

    Have some inner engine sounds… app.

  9. I am sure it will need a $1000 Adaptor to fit standard plugs and be connected to iTunes before it will run lol

  10. They should just get batteries from Tesla

  11. These “until” or “upgrade” jokes are lame as hell. Apple makes quality products.

  12. Wheels not included to protect the environment because you already likely have wheels at home

  13. My Corolla diesel is the best 🏆

  14. Nope… I’m still pissed at Apple for High Sierra.

  15. All fun and games till the car comes without the charging cable..

  16. Lightbulbs replacement only by our genius’s bar for few k£

  17. “Steering wheel and tires sold separately”

  18. Apple products are expensive car may cost $ 5 million.

  19. Apple car will have a motor and steering wheel sold separately

  20. Ohh.. now apples making cars? Who else? Nokia?! :0

  21. Ulrich Kranz, I presume he admired the jaguar xj220 back in the day

  22. I hope the car's battery will go longer than the IPhone's battery 😂😱😉

  23. it kinda looks like a giant magic mouse

  24. Charger sold seperate

  25. The problem with Apple car it won't come with a charger you have to take apple care to guarantee getting up dates and the car will run slower when a new model comes out so I stick with my tesla

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