Apple Vision Pro is Trash!

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  1. I mean its only useful for processor buff and playing gta vi fps view i or another person wont be surgeon or farmer with this shit but would i or will i but yeah mayne when mark 2 came n useful in gta 6 fuck rest

  2. Xqc’s chat is always so fucking braindead holy shit. “VR enthusiasts are just retards with screens on their face.” I seriously don’t know why people still hate on VR it’s literally the best and most important technology out right now.

  3. AR headsets won't take off till they're really portable. Also the part of the headband attached to the unit itself is a weak point that they'll charge an arm and a leg to repair. I bet a future generation of it could take off, as dystopic as that is

  4. Dude is pretending like he knows a thing or two about marketing a product launch when Apple is literally rolling this thing out the same way they have with every new product in the last 25 years. This hater had his opinions before he even started the video.

  5. Just another person who is mad that he cannot buy one or even tried one 😂 Please relax and stop bashing on something you have 0 clue of. VR is the only device in the 21st century that is a direct upgrade from pc, it needs time to have more softwares built for it in order to reach at least 2% of its potential. Why do you have to be extremely out of control furious about it 😅?

  6. This guy is an idiot. Basically saying all the same shit haters said about iPhone iPad and their Watch. Same result will happen, swears it’s useless junk, then it proceeds to sell millions and leave everyone behind


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