Apple Glasses Release Date and Price – LAUNCHING in 2024!

Apple Glasses Release Date and Price – LAUNCHING in 2024!

Could the Apple Glases be LAUNCHING in 2024 after the Apple VR Headset? Well Today lets go over…


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  1. watching роrn on a whole new level

  2. Why not iGlasses? And why did they go with the Genius Bar instead of the iDoctor?

  3. What you say?is the glasses good or is the Apple view good

  4. I'm here to say… this is not gonna happen anytime soon. vision pro… is not what we thought

  5. A great concept, but Apple seriously need to up there OS systems to the next level if they are to pull this off.

  6. I'd be more interested if it wasn't just for apple. Any other phone people have wouldn't be able to use these as it seems to use apples software.

  7. Wonder how many child slaves in third world countries will have to be kidnapped , I mean persuaded to work in the factories to put these together

  8. I wish I could even afford Apple products. I have a S22 ultra. I've never been able to afford devices like that in case they break. 😊

  9. Wait until Samsung or other androids make fun of Apple.

  10. I cannot WAIT for the AR solutions for apple.

  11. I'm thinking of getting the Apple Glasses just wish there was like a linux variant that was open source. It'll be nice to not have to look down and hurt my neck at my phone when using it all the time I think it'll help with a lot of neck and back pain issues.

  12. Being a realtor in pk has been pretty difficult

  13. I’ve been wanting to get the MacBook to get my GED but I don’t have the money to get one😢

  14. I just want AR glasses that can turn your walk on a trail into an AR screen that adapts as you walk

  15. iPhone 14 pro max please I promise to love you for the rest of my life

  16. If they don't call them the iGlass I will kill myself (figuratively)

  17. Seems like I’ve been waiting for apple glasses to come out for years (can’t wait

  18. What the hell is a “proje”?

    Do you mean “project”???

    Please speak properly 🙏🏼

    No sub, deleted from history and down rated.

  19. If Apple offers multiple options for glasses styles. Keeps it cheaper by using the iPhone as the main power source. This could be a huge hit, and you may start seeing almost everyone wear glasses

  20. i wish i could buy any laptop from apple i dont have it a all hope i can be picked for the giveaway

  21. What about people who actually wear glasses? Will the lenses be able to have a prescription in them as well?

  22. If 499 pounds/dollars then it will be fantastic.

  23. I am very excused if the Apple
    Glass come out I will definatelt get a pair 😂

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