Apple AirPods 3 – Unboxing & Review!

Apple AirPods 3 – Unboxing & Review!

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  1. Tf? This guy looks like Chadwick boseman bruh

  2. I’ll be lookin rich in these airpods😂

  3. I just don’t like how dirty the pros get and silicon tips are just more annoying to clean but the 3rd seem like they will just wipe clean … but it’s a preference

  4. I have the airpod pros and i love them because of the silicone. i want to upgrade to these but i can’t because they don’t come with it 😢

  5. i love them there so comfortable i can put any airpod in my ear and it tells comfortable except the 2nd gen there kinda uncomfortable alot

  6. Should I upgrade from these to the pro 2?

  7. If you use the plastic tips you’re ghetto 🤷🏽‍♂️

  8. I might consider getting the 3rg gen airpods. I have not got them before I always had the earpods cable headphones lol.

  9. Hey! Don’t forget that Jesus Christ loves you and he died for you have a blessed day ❤️

  10. So many pains with getting em headphones, I had the 2 gen took them back cause they started hurting my ears, bought the pro beat fit took them back cause they were too expensive, purchased them again but then realised they stick out my ears, I’m now considering getting these the 3rd gen, I don’t want anything too complicated, just something that’s comfortable, doesn’t fall out my ears and is good quality. Are these a good shout?

  11. Nice freestyle and rhymes lol 2:25

  12. 4:28 instead of fast forwarding you could have given a time stamp for people who would like to skip. i personally wanted to know 🙃

  13. I made my ears perfect ears for my airpods 2. The pros are okay by not. So I wonder if I should get these or get beats.

  14. I really appreciate this man cutting out sayin alexa and hey siri

  15. The only reason I’m getting these over the pros is that I don’t really use noise cancelation I just blast my music

  16. Loving your reviews. I make many tech. purchasing decisions based on your work. You are helping an older business man stay tech savvy. Lol

  17. I just bought these with my money that iv been saving forever I got airpods 3 cos its new and also cos I'd rather buy basically the same thing as pro for cheaper and u ha e 40 pound spear

  18. I’m planning on getting the 3rd gen tomorrow and I love the way you explain and just your personality. You deserve this Sub. Good Looks.

  19. 3rd gen made the skin peel off and kinda of hurt when I first got them, now it’s a lot better.

  20. Man I have some and they just don’t fit as good as the original

  21. Don't bother get the wf-1000xm3 or 4 the sound is much better a d also the fit.

  22. yes i am loving it. The audio is very good. I dont care about noise cancelling feature.

  23. Air Pods 3 keep falling out of my ears where the Air Pods 2 don't. WTF!

  24. Me who got them for 25$ bc of the inflation rate in my country : 👁️👄👁️

  25. like this video. question: is it ok for sports? running? Thank you.

  26. To anyone that has these. Can people around you hear your music. Pls reply this is rly a game changer for me

  27. Excellent, my wife has been waiting for these. Superb demonstration with detailed observations…. Off to buy them now!!

  28. I had to come support the culture just got two pairs from my little bro I had to see if the where real but I had to come to my peoples salute fam ✊🏽

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