Ants on a Plane – Full Movie

Ants on a Plane – Full Movie

Starring: Antonio Sabato Jr. & Jessalyn Gilsig

Departing a Caribbean eco-paradise on their…


  1. Those ants are really not so bright they very nearly ended with the aircraft in a fireball or in the ocean.

  2. Do you know that you always go on Amazon prime and you’ll always see those movies all like a rip off and like movies are you never seen the trailer or like clips or anything?

  3. 2:23 hermosa elección Engelderliebe.Uno

    10:10 Hopi:


    11:12 Sun:-


    00:18 Joonie:


    18:00 Yoongy:


    23:23 Son unos de los mejores conciertos

    Las elecciones cinematográficas y artísticas son brillantes . Referencias culturales europeas realmente interesantes . Ojalá la cultura europea se representara más a menudo tan bellamente. No puedo dejar de decir "oh, esto es hermoso" a lo largo del video. Luz, en serio… el que se encargue de la iluminación, @genia

  4. This movie reminds me of "snake on the plane"..

  5. I came here because I naturally wanted to see how these ants will disturb in the plane but the writer answer my question

  6. What is the movie about?


  8. Snakes on a plane now ants what next lol

  9. Are these ants really😮😮😮😮😳😳😳😳

  10. Ants on a Plane (2022) watch now HD

    Son unos de los mejores

    los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer

    Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente.

    hay nomas pa ra reirse un rato y no estar triste y estresado por la vida dura que se vive hoy..………bufferingbufferingytyt

  11. not even sure how I ended up here, but I ended up staying

  12. 6:00 is she the principal from "make it pop"?

  13. Merci pour le partage ! 🐞🦋🌹

  14. This one has made me fear to travel on a plane since u can't escape when in trouble.. Nice movie though

  15. 선녀 그거 임신문화예욧 박정래이모부~~~

  16. 일같지도않은일하면 이렇게 돼? 피부에 개미가 우글우글~~~일은 개미가 빌려준건가봐?일은개미가허락해준거였어?근데 일을 제대로 못하고 일같지도않은일을벌리면 개미가 저렇게..?

  17. 결혼적령기가아직않왔어?십대?이십대?이십대후반즈음이부모님도그랬었으니그게딱결혼적령기지 우린다그렇케 결혼해서 잘 살고있지 누나는삼십대후반이지^^

  18. 내본명은김유정이잖아~사업얘기하는거야?딴이름거들먹거리면사업얘기하는거

  19. 여성은 결혼전엔 공주님 소리를 누누히 들었고 결혼후엔 여왕님 소리를 늘 듣곤하지?ㅎㅅ

  20. 개미영화네
    일하면개미 개미하면일
    일하는애들을첨본건 개봉동주택에서 앞마당 개미

    일개미 여왕개미 왕개미

  21. Ant # 2,578 did an convincing acting job

  22. Flight mechanic?? I think you mean A&P or aircraft mechanic.

  23. Hell YouTube did recommended me everyday so I'm here 😑

  24. I came into this with little hope of actually finishing it, but gotta say I liked it. The idea of ants being a thing to worry about on a plane hit me, but the fact that the writers answered that question is good enough for me. good movie all around.

  25. Wow I really love this movie the docter is very wonderful person and a prefect mum too🤩🥰😍

  26. I agree that these movies are better than mainstream US television…
    No propaganda at all right?
    Almost too good to be on television.

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