Anthony Bourdain (finally) travels to Congo

Anthony Bourdain (finally) travels to Congo

A look at Anthony Bourdain’s travels in Congo from the struggles of flying, fishing and even an…


  1. These folks arent worried about a lot of meaningless and useless ideas. They just create a plan and
    Carry on.

  2. These folks arent worried about a lot of meaningless and useless ideas. They just create a plan and
    Carry on.

  3. I would not have gotten on that plane!

  4. I remember the stormy day I flew this CNN team to kisangani, RIP Anthony

  5. Food unites different cultures and Bourdain was a legend in my eyes.
    "One Love"

  6. Dear CNN, I beg that you release all seasons of Parts Unknown for free in full on YouTube. It will those few of us blessed with this man's talent in opening up our eyes to a wider world of culture, tradition, and in turn shrinking it in turn by showing and sharing the common experiences across the globe, and our common and united interest and love we have in sharing our food and drink. This would be an apt tribute to Tony, and a gift upon the wider community and citizens of this planet who have not yet been blessed by the education and perspective this man has given us lucky few who have watched this amazing series. RIP Tony, may you seek the light you were searching for, while we keep in memory the flame of your presence.

  7. one of my hero's gone.

  8. He passed away today…and will be deeply missed.

  9. Good, hope he stays there.

  10. How much is that coin in the pawnshop busy dangling from his neck for nothing

  11. i read that bourdain is a big fan of heart of darkness….he should ask some african scholars and authors what they think of the book. like chinua achebe. hes such a prick.

  12. …it was written that I should be loyal to the nightmare of my choice.

  13. awesome. gonna buy these episodes from the channel soon.

  14. Best series on TV at moment but I thought maybe he could have found some people conducting agriculture in an orderly, pleasant, civilized fashion, surely there must be people doing that in villages (??) to counter the overwhelming impression is of reasonably scary chaos. I suppose the fishing scene was supposed to do that to an extent, perhaps people quietly gardening was deemed not dramatic enough for prime time attention spans.

  15. what is the medalhewasholding

  16. fishing scene, the best..

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