An African City Web Drama Series Review

An African City Web Drama Series Review



  1. Hello, I love that soap. I hope they do a new episode. You doing a good job.

  2. Nice pls go watch Gidi Up. It's Also a web series and pls review it

  3. I thought I was the only one that knew about the series! Finished the season in two days!!

  4. Hello Ade, so I watch the show as you adviced. In general I will give them a 7/10. I feel like the actors are not well fit to thier carators. They need to work on that. I also compere the vibe of this with Adam's Apple by Shirley F. M. I think they need to be more' real '. I like story it is about real dilemma in Ghana. Great outfit. Overall that was a good on. Thanks Ade!…

  5. I have been meaning to watch the series. I've heard so much about it for months now. I'll check it out! I hope you're well!!

  6. i did like the series because the production quality was good. I thought the extras were good, they weren't terrible. My problem was like you said, the scripts. They focused way too much on sex sometimes. Women do have other things to talk about. Nana yaa broke up with a guy that used her bathroom..WTF!! I wish they would model the story to the tv show, GIRLFRIENDS…sex and the city is too superficial to me.

  7. I also want to add that in order to keep this video short, there were a lot of things I had to cut out.
    (1). People have compared this show to Sex and the City … in a way, it is indeed very similar…
    (2). Each one of the five women represented a different kind of African Woman… different morals and different ideas on what life should be.. I really liked that…
    (3) This show does not 100% represent the "typical" African woman. It's more like then "Modern Day" African woman…
    (4) The African woman should be comfortable to talk about sex, love and relationships without being judged … this show does that …
    Lastly, I do not agree with one thing about the show, the way the ladies hop from one guy to another in such a short period of time and for silly reasons too … is definitely not African… I disagree with that..

  8. Your smile is so infectious adenine. I love your reviews xx

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