America Storms Russian Stronghold In Africa For Diamonds

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  1. Do you understand that Congo was under arms embargo by UN,meaning they were not allowed to purchase arms to defend themselves against Rebels.That embargo was lifted and Felix has spent over a billion on purchasing arms and mass mobilization,they have been training their troops and they are getting ready to fight Rwanda.My sources tell me Rwanda is already shaking in their boots as RWANDAN forces are returning home in body bags after getting taken out by Congolese patriots.
    So the tide is turning in Eastern DRC as Congo patriots are starting to claim more scalps of M23/Rwandan forces,they are heading for a defeat and its why KAGAME looks grumpy in his recent speeches and interviews.
    Hope you change your sources as you seem to be behind what is happening in Africa.

  2. Russia has not prevented any country from trading with the west or any country, but Russia guarantees the security of the government in power so that these governments can confidently stand up to the west in fair trade.

    Niger is doing business with America, same as others


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