Amala & Gbegiri Soup (Yoruba/Nigerian Dish) in Wedding Party

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Amala & Gbegiri Soup (Yoruba/Nigerian Dish) in Wedding Party

Ibadan Ladies Searching for Short Distance Relationships
Should WhatsApp
+2349020630144 📱
Note: Lady Must Have a Job or Business & an NYSC Cerfiied 🇳🇬
Ladies Age: 23 to 26 ~ Ready to Marry an Age 27 Within 10 Months; Immediately After Match.
Parents Must Both Be Based in Ibadan ~ Both Pentecostal Christians, Alive & Decently…



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  1. Как так
    ? Все смешать в одной тарелке? Готовится то все каждоеблюдо по отдельности ?😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  2. This happens all over the world. Im jamaican and when i jad my son 20 yrs ago, my son's father got his tax return and used it to by rims and tires while i was owing rent. He told me that he didn't care if i lived under a tree and i should give him my son. Fast forward, i have 3 degrees, a top notch career in healthcare, my own home, car, etc. He is still struggling with a woman who is uneducated and totally dependent on him so he does his dirt outside, comes in whenever and she don't have the power to say a word. He never did anything with or for my son, who is now grown and disregards him all the time. Im single and happy in my singleness serving God. God doesn't play with mothers and children especially when they are single and doing everything on their own