Alleged ‘Tinder Swindler’ Simon Leviev: ‘I’m the Biggest Gentleman in the World’

Alleged ‘Tinder Swindler’ Simon Leviev: ‘I’m the Biggest Gentleman in the World’

Simon Leviev, the handsome jetsetter at the center of the sensational Netflix documentary “The…


  1. He should be locked for life and return every peny to those women. For those that say this could never happen to man… hold up.. we have marriage and divorce after 1 year… speaking of exposing the crimes.. LOL

  2. Simon BOND. 😆🤣

  3. I thought it was only a Netflix show with Actor's…

  4. The scam gets scammed. They thought he was the billionaire. This is CRAZY.

  5. I stand with the Tindler Swindler.

    Women use men for money every day and no one bats an eye. This guy uses women for money and now he's the worst thing ever? No.

  6. I watched dhar mann then came here

  7. He's my hero..he beated those gold diggers at their own game 🙂 they even slept with him on their first date..I wonder if they'd behaved the same way with some carpenter or waiter.. that's what these women deserve..

  8. I'd buy this guy a beer. He's the epitome of "Equality".

  9. Yet Anna Delvey is in jail and deported. She lied and cheated too, but in actuality, she did have a plan to make a foundation. This guy was a just a straight up swindler conman using people. Not that I’m saying Anna Sorokin shouldn’t have been found guilty or isn’t a sociopath, I’m just saying she did actually want to accomplish a goal beyond a lavish lifestyle.

  10. And he is obviously cheating on her too! Let’s be real.

  11. softball interview. lame

  12. That's what they do! Gods chosen people!

  13. Pov:you came after watching the documentary

  14. He’s a terrible liar. How this man continues to live in luxury is beyond me.

  15. Lowkey play his game well 😂

  16. He actually happened to be a complete joke & was arrested from his hostel for $12 a night!

  17. The hero we need
    He did nothing wrong

  18. He bought bitcoin in 2011 when it was nothing.. what a modern lie

  19. It´s the ladies´ word against Simon´s. Be careful who you believe…

  20. Satan:Well,I just wanna say that i'm a huge fan

  21. You can be the The Biggest Gentleman, but remember there is only one "Supreme Gentleman".

  22. They wouldn't have lent that money or cared about him if he didn't have money.

  23. BUT – would those pretty women swipe right on an average-looking man with no wealth, connections, networks, fancy lifestyle, fancy social circles, family business, etc., that makes $50k/year and lives in a tiny studio in a walk-up building in a high crime neighborhood?

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