Africans in Ukraine: Jessica's story – BBC Africa

Africans in Ukraine: Jessica's story – BBC Africa

Nigerian medical student Jessica Orakpo was based in the western Ukrainian city of Ternopil, but…


  1. a 30 minute drive is not an 8 hours walk

  2. I dont see the problem if you are trash then you will be treated like trash

  3. The british and the americans planned this. They wanted to depopulate africans to loot our motherland so that we'll HAVE NO LAND! once africa is destroyed they'll send us back. Im warning you. We need to fight. They won't stop unless they are defeated.

  4. Wow! Sickening. But yet they want people to have mercy on them.

  5. And that’s why Ukraine getting invaded by Russia and I don’t feel bad because they’re racist

  6. Where was your baby’s daddy? Doesn’t he have car?

  7. I grew up in Poland, half Polish half Sudanese, was always told “Polska dla Polakow” meaning I wasn’t pure Polish so wasn’t welcome… East Europeans are still catching up on the notion of racial equality

  8. My support goes to Russia ❤

  9. Oh my god she had to pay for a train ticket?!? Shocking

  10. If this black peoples can study or live in Ukraine, then why they cannot fight for Ukraine? This is a betray. I live in Turkey. If any war come to Turkey, then definitely I fight alongside of Turkey. I am not betrayal like this black peoples.

  11. That's why india isn't helping ukranians at all

  12. Why is anyone surprised? This is war…

  13. 😐the West propaganda claims ukronazis are winning — ¿so why so many hit that emergency escape? —

    — ¿and why cannot male ukrops between ages 16 & 60 cannot jet the good ship LOLLIPOP aka titanic for suckers titanic? —

    — black brown & every color nonwhite Africans who engage with Europa experience the deal straight up — Europa has histories of institutional racism — even Eastern Europeans know that they are at the bottom of White Europeans — Poland and ukraine are active nesting encampments for breeding racism particularly NeoNazism —

    — dont need any rubbish spin because it is what it is — when the ship is sinking Europeans omit lifesavers for black brown and nonwhite Africans who cannot pass as EUROPEANS — so that woman can save the bull aka 🐂💩 for her own ✋🏿✋🏾✋🏽✋🏼✋🏻✋😑

  14. Thanks god you got out. Look what happened to the people who were left behind. I am glad you are safe.


  16. Isn’t Ukraine taking them out of the country. I don’t think a lot of Ukraine civilians no there is a war in there country. They find out when a missile hit. What a dumb war.

  17. You know who was also fighting for their lives? Ukraininas.

  18. People should understand it is not the Ukraine, Poland ,Britain or America’s responsibility to get Ghanaian or Nigerian citizens out of a war zone. The responsibility for that lies with the embassy of their own country like the lady said in the clip they were saying Ukrainians only they were not saying Caucasians only people love to claim racism because they think it will get them special treatment True racism infact is so rare That the demand far exceeds the supply That’s why people like Jussie Smollett had to manufacture it for themselves

  19. why is everyone disregarding this woman’s story saying “let this me a lesson you can’t depend on these people” she was traumatized for bc of her skin color why not blame the people who put her in the situation in the first place

  20. why isn't african countries evacuating africans out of ukraine ??????????
    Help your people African countries !!!
    and please help fight criminal war 🕵

  21. Fuck Ukraine Trump 2024 🇺🇲✌🏿✌🏿👍🏾

  22. Professional soccer players who are black in Eastern Europe suffer racism that is unheard of in the west. The realty is these Africans have to stop coming to these half hungry countries for help and a new life. Either stay home or head to western European European countries if need be. These countries in Eastern Europe are newly emerging countries barely democratic in some cases and unlike the west they are simply not built for or ready for mass migration. This is where the global community has to coordinate who is allowed to go where.

  23. Blacks should realize that some whites hate them and they show it, others have the hate but it's hidden. Some Asians also hate blacks and they show it and some don't. When they come to our beautiful land we show them nothing but love. Blacks stop expecting to be treated equally with those ignorant folks. They hate us and it's not our fault that our melanin pops🥰we all bleed red blood. They will eventually destroy themselves.

  24. You eat there food go to their schools sleep with their woman punk adds black ppl

  25. They should stay and fight for Ukraine. If you bleed for it, it's now your homeland, and no one can tell you different.

  26. The Ukrainians are renowned for their ultra right wing credentials. They even have a Neo-Nazi white supremacist Regiment intergrated into their official armed forces. All that's forgotten and forgiven by the British media now though because their opponents are Russian.

  27. Funny how they don't talk about this on the news in detail or in government. But yet every day they speak about Russia and how bad the ukrainians are suffering. The Europeans and the UK are Clearly shows if your black I aint worth nothing compared to white people.


  29. Those 40 million Ukrainians should’ve known the lives of minorities must be made perfect 24/7/365 before they can even eat/ poop/ if nukes are in route….or it’s systemic racism at work.

  30. BBC NEWS ㅡyou tube ㅡ 22년5월1일 sonhan24
    ㅡ영국 외무장관님 ㅡ 전쟁지원자금 은 ㅡ일회용 ㅡ이다
    ㅡ영/독/미 ㅡ 전쟁지원자금으로 투자 일자리창출ㅡ하라
    1ㅡ우크라이나는 러시아 역사적 지역분쟁 불과하다
    2ㅡ따라서 서방국가 골통판단부족으로 ㅡ전쟁확대 무기지원금 은 ㅡ 국제사회 골통들 맞다 ㅡ 법적으로도
    3ㅡ전쟁 무기지원금 ㅡ은 국제사회 구성원 전부 삶을
    빼앗는 무책임/어리석은 짓이다 ㅡ전쟁확대무기및 지원금
    ㅡ 중단 요청 한다 ㅡ A MEN ㅡ
    4ㅡ지금 ㅡ 영/ 독 / 미 판단 리더십이 ㅡ 모순 덩어리다 ㅡ
    판단 부족 설명까지 해드리까요? A MEN

  31. Yes my Sistah, This is what Africans of the diaspora, living in america have been trying to inform our Brotha's and Sistah's on the Continent of Whites. They come to Africa and pretend they like you … they spread propaganda in hopes to 'divide and conquer' … Please wake-up … We cannot change our skin color (no matter how 'some' try to bleach) we are 'One' and must stick together. "Divided, We Fall"!!!

  32. Western Media: It was the NON-Ukrainians boarder guards that were discriminating. Ukrainians are decent people.
    Putin: These people are NAZI, trust me, I KNOW.

  33. Omg Finally omg Finally!!! U all start open your eyes Thanks to God!!!! God will open more and more about this ugly people who has kill 8 years kid and women's!

  34. Back to the sand pit you go

  35. Ukrainians are being murdered in their thousands by Russians and completely uprooted from their homes and country, and this ungrateful idiot is complaining because she had to walk a few hours. Way to make it all about you.

  36. Mabusi Majola Bigotry … Hypocrisy … Prejudice … Racism … will always be prevalent in today’s world … Ukraine and China are no less bigoted than the rest of the world. I’m sorry that African students were subjected to ill treatment in China. Unfortunately, bigotry, prejudice, racism, white supremacy, etc., are very much alive throughout the world. I’m so happy that Jessica was able to leave Ukraine, and I hope she reached her destination safely without incident.

  37. Serves u right. Go home n don't leave your country.Stop going to all these racist European countries. Besides UK,France, Germany n Swiss the rest of em r wicked n nva treat u well

  38. We can pay the fly to your home-country. You are criminal.

  39. What happened to you is because Africa is a FAILURE

  40. They're simply arrogant racist hypocrites.

  41. I mean how can you ignore colored people.
    In a time where colored people kill every sport, music and every movie. This is sick to see how hate is still a disease

  42. They want to beg money, but can't stop their racism. 3 billion us dollars, for what ????

  43. Europe is racist. Most people when they think of Europe they instantly think of France, Italy, Austria, Uk and huge diverse metropolitan cities. Well, Europe is not this. Its the eastern europe countries, the balkans, the baltic sea countries, the white supremacy of some nordic people… I am from Greece and i assure you, people are mild, but most have very racist views. Stop idolizing Europe. I am so sorry you had to deal with this in war

  44. But they want to feel welcomed here…. OK!

  45. So many ppl being denied basic rights in Poland….no consequences anyone?

  46. Sista Jessica thank you for sharing this video because here in America these news stations over here are not reporting the true stories about how the discrimination of the Africans over there 😢. May the most high protect you and the Africans 🙌

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