African Women of the Himba with Superhuman Abilities

African Women of the Himba with Superhuman Abilities

Welcome to the ‘Amazing People of Africa’ series where we take a look at the many indigenous people of Africa. Today we are looking at…


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  2. I wanted to move to Africa and live in a tribe but I wasn’t sure how to go about it..

  3. 5 minutes later and I'm still waiting on these "superhuman abilities"…..

  4. Talk about Natural Beauty✋🏿…

  5. African women how lovely.
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  6. Wonderful, Living their life. Thank you

  7. The rest of the 🌎 can learn much from 🌍 and her many beautiful peoples like the Himba😉🌄

  8. DANM THAT CLICKBAIT TITLE………SUPERHUMAN? MADE ME THINK THE OVAHIMBA HAVE JOINED THE X-MEN. I really wish you were more well informed. research, research, and research before posting. that's my tip

  9. "Women are not allowed to use water for washing" That's a challenge. Only the men could wash? You forgot to mention what were the superhuman abilities.

  10. The poster child, for being virtually connected to the Earth.

  11. Can I go n live there????💞💞💞💞

  12. Their skin and teeth are perfect!! ❤💚🖤

  13. aside from the lying click bait of this item it would be interesting to know if the Himba people benefit in at all from the sale of the ghastly 'MERCH'…or is this just another exploitation.

  14. All Africans are to pay up for selling the Hebrews Out of Africa. Judgment on their whole land

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