African Safari 4K – Scenic Wildlife Film With African Music

African Safari 4K – Scenic Wildlife Film With African Music

There are very few experiences that compare to the adventure of an African Safari. Enjoy this 4k…


  1. No zebras with odd patterns for now. That's why people have to undo their actions.

  2. Natural so fresh and lovely animals

  3. Hoy en día ya no los tengo mi padre murió x diabetes y a mi madre me la arrebató el covid y mi hermano querido se me fue también víctima del alcoholismo.,

  4. O mesmo pra vc Deus te proteja sempre 🙏🌹,

  5. Please, is there anywhere I can buy/find this music (Specially the first track?)

  6. Thanks namibia and africa for the cheetahs❤ from india

  7. I literally cried seeing this beauty.

  8. It's beautiful. Really beautiful. Keep up the good work. I subscribed you.

  9. Something this beautiful (nature and wildlife) needs to be protected forever!

  10. My Botswana…My Pride..My home.. Your Destination ..Cradle of the human kind..🇧🇼🇧🇼🇧🇼🇧🇼

  11. We have to stop burning oil, gas and coal. This is what we have to protect, this earth is not ours, it doesn't belong to us. If you watch this, see all the wildlife, the beauty and nature you have to be moved to do something to change.

  12. Nature is wild, Wild is Nature

  13. The music and sounds of nature with animals is amazing I love it I'm also an animal lover Thank you all around the world

  14. Waht is the song starts with video?

  15. Africa is a beautiful and magical place, which is worth exploring by everyone,love form china!

  16. YouTube is recommending this legendary video after 5 months

  17. The beautiful African music brought such an ethereal vibe to the video!

  18. Is there a playlist of the music like this on Spotify??!

  19. My beautiful 🇹🇿 Tanzania. What a beautiful country!

  20. Complimenti chi a girato questo video è bellissimo e molto interessante questa

  21. 12:52 …… name of music/song? , please

    + Thank you for this masterpiece ❤️

  22. This is what you call legendary

  23. Beauty of nature; Even though it's wild.


  25. Lindo demais! A África é perfeita! Criada pelo dedo do Criador!!! 😍😍😍🙌🙌🙌

  26. Beautiful. I show this video really often to my year and a half daughter. She loves it and me too! Can you please write the artists of these songs?

  27. They change it to blue Paper and make a discover Credit Card

    When will be Many

  28. incredible video with excellent music, i really enjoyed a lot

  29. Thank you for this beautiful playlist.

  30. This was beyond excellent. The footage was exceptional and the background music perfect. Thanks to you all for planning this together and for sharing. Well done 👍 There is nothing more satisfying than to watch wildlife free and content. Throughly enjoyed this jaw dropping masterpiece. I look forward to seeing more. Cheers 🤩

  31. Turun dari sorga dari ALLAH keselamatan hikmat

  32. It is my first time being on your channel and everything is just spectacular I operate with drones and you've just given us the best shots BRAVO!!!

  33. This is really aesthetic ❤️

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