African Country Makes Bitcoin Legal Currency, Alpha Conde Freed, African Sues Canada Over Guantanamo

African Country Makes Bitcoin Legal Currency, Alpha Conde Freed, African Sues Canada Over Guantanamo

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Ex-Guantanamo Prisoner Sues Canada Over Alleged Role in His…


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  7. Ha…so far Bitcoin is making its way. Looking forward to the development. So much is being done on the blockchain. Innovators are alive in the Bitcoin network and Africa might be the greatest place for Bitcoin to do its best work for the people. CAR is the first in Africa. They will not be last. #FixTheMoneyFixTheWorld

  8. Russia tells America to not interfere in Ukraine or supply any weapons but Russia is supplying weapons to Cameroon, interfering with the freedom fight between Cameroon, Biafra and Ambazonia!

  9. Foreign forces are absolutely armed terrorist groups…

  10. Please check the BITCOIN LOGO and you see is 666 Mark of the BEAST and your leaders knows this or they don't know but everyone should check this out especially the christians and Muslims, the only money worth is the one backed by gold which Russian has implemented now, I don't know why Africans don't do their research before involving in anything that's involved money

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  12. If Africa could become a country continent and get its shit together, it would become the only world power. Asia, Europe, and America get a large portion of their resources from Africa and they have for a long long time now. If Africa is to ever unite internally, become a country continent, and advance its infrastructure, it would become the greatest world power ever. Everyone would have to sucker up to Africa for resources because that continent literally has most of the worlds most precious resources. Not only can the continent feed the world, it can control the world if it can just get its shit together.

  13. What was the Mauritanian doing in Canada. Stay in your country. Canada did a good job. Africans should stay in their country and stay out of other people's nations

  14. >tous merci à ce site Web utilisé ici comme mon nom car ils m'aident à payer 21 000 $ pour payer les factures d'université de mon fils

  15. We are starting to see some positive changes in Africa but unfortunately the motherland still have brainless corrupt leaders who need to be put behind bars for treason. This is a bad move by the leaders of Niger 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  16. Niger leadership, you are of your father and you're against the Israelites. Make political decisions wisely!

  17. Some news are sad to even to listen………… Like Niger inviting colonizers more…… CAR accepting bitcoins scam……… Etc very sad indeed… I think west Africa are lost in the wilderness and rest of us Africans we can't wake u up from this midiocraty…… The only country that has commonsense is only Mali and Guinea

  18. That bitcoins is a scam…… CAR think twice

  19. Niger borders my country Mali 🇲🇱. This is the same deal Mali made it in 2011. A decade later, Mali was almost under control of insurgents and terrorism with their presence on ground. It is only since last year, that after the Junta took control, we are starting to see the difference.
    Internal affairs should remain internal affairs. Having foreign troops increases insecurity, increases sales of international arms, this exerts pressure on client countries, gives them access to foreign bases, they shift regional balance, and maintins shadow supremacy. That’s all this will be. When France was in Mali, Mali was paying 1 Billion Cfa a day for them to be there, this excludes all other military expertise in the package.
    In Mali we learnt the lesson in a hard way, Niger is going to learn it too, and it will be at the cost of its people!
    Vive Mali 🇲🇱
    Vive Assimi Goita ✊🏾

  20. Why is every country have a hand in Africa's Affairs and Business??? Always demanding them to do something or repercussions will occur. #ONEAFRICA can survive on its own without any other countries' involvement in their business. Stay in your own countries and in your own lane. Demotic Controlling Behaviour is thrown at Africa 24/7. Get your knees off their necks and your hands out there Fortunes.

  21. Bitcoins (and its kind)= virtual currency for new world order=control of global finance by ruchest western countries coalition

  22. I wish him all of the best against Canada. Also, we'll done Cameroon. Niger is an embarrassment to Africa and all reasonable men.

  23. i dont trust these african leaders, they are hypocrite , this Bitcoin currency is a scam sponsored by the devils "the west"

  24. but has the bill passed into legislation? sounds like clickbait

  25. What a stupid decision from Niger! When the so called African leaders will open their eyes?

  26. Great move by Africa it's time to unite Africa as one nation one army one currencies one strong military and Africa will win


  28. Interesting Indeed. Cameroon gets closer to Russia at this hour. That ole dictator appears to know what he's doing. But how…will Russian….hmm🤔🤔

  29. Why didn't the Nigerian president ask the AU for troops to support the Niger government, Isn't Niger part of Africa? Therefore they should ask the AU not the EU for troops.

  30. Irrespective of the economic downturn this is the best time to invest in crypto and gold, I'm glad I'm making some profits..

  31. My Grand Father came to The United States of America as Immigrant as Teacher Vocational Trainer and Welder for these Juco black and white people in Alabama these white and black people are nothing more then black African American black Indians filthy nasty and really ignorant and some are so badly illiterate nobody want them and The white are the same too and The America Indians are Racist like The White Caucasian in The United States of America these murdered my Grand Father Mr. Eli Moore and told lie to his real family members and raped and murdered his real Daughter Miss Corene Moore that what he told me in 1975 my Mother is High School Senior Valedictorian in The whole City and Jefferson County and in Alabama these black and white are criminals in Birmingham Alabama

  32. Bitcoin is freedom everyone should learn and embrace it

  33. Crypto is a miner mill sham… It is unsustainable… If people think printing money is expensive well start to do the math on crypto!! Millions of $ every day going to miner mills & shills…

  34. This will be the end of Africa as we no it watch the space

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