African Brotha Deals With “Ken” For Aggressively Confronting Him

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African Brotha Deals With “Ken” For Aggressively Confronting Him

Emma Ansah reports on an African brotha who deals with a “Ken” after he aggressively confronts him and accuses him of being disruptive



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  1. It was so clear the white guy was jealous of his appearance. People need to be really careful who they approach because not everyone is as cool headed as this guy. There’s people out here that a mf would.

  2. Ken was pissy, because Barbie wanted to play with Mandingo. Just a shame, your bud light drinking, Nascar loving, MAGA cap wearing ass didn't get knocked out. That privelege is waring thin, keep it up Ned Flanders.

  3. 1:08 " Very careful. " Lord why I'm I getting flashbacks… Listen, if you're from the carribean, you know what follows when your parent(s) wagsthat index finger in your face. In fact, when hit your nose you indeed, need to " be very careful" !! 😅😅😅😅 It's the way he pounds his glasses with his finger tho

  4. The greatest threat historically & always will be -to WTY PPL & others worldwide—-WILL ALWAYS BE A STRONG 💪 BLK MAN OR AFRICAN JUST FACTS

    Unless they subscribe to pronouns 🤐👍
    Oh unless they in a relationship with a WTY woman 🤐👍

  5. ✊🏾👊🏾🤜🏾🤛🏾 stand up for yourself. These karens and kens think they can do this stuff all over the world no matter where they are. What was the taught in the mountains.

  6. That tapping on those glass was a statement ..a statement we use in the calling you out (pushing your buttons because you pushed mine) and his hold back is amazing because it takes something beyond this world to resist stomping down on true ignorance in the most violent of ways.

  7. Their absolutely, "SICK" Paternal instinct against anyone to do whatever they want, has come to an end. The time has come. And "CHANGE" itself, is the only Constant nobody has control over.