African Ankara Fabric Haul (Everything you need to know)

African Ankara Fabric Haul (Everything you need to know)

Welcome to The Only Way Is Ghana web-series: What do you know about Ankara fabrics? Find out all…


  1. I just seen this video and see this is old. But I hope you will see and respond. Are producers of the fabric African owned?

  2. I love Ankara Fabric.. 😍😍 so beautiful

  3. I love them especially the first
    Could you help me order I'm in the Caribbean

  4. I read some of the comments and I don't see any where she replies back.

  5. 💜💜💜💜💜🙌🏽 the haul been wearing african clothing since 1965.

  6. how can I order some of these African fabrics I'm from the united states

  7. How do you wash it though? To take out some of the stiffness before I make it into the skirt I want.

  8. Hi, please where did you get the email.

    NO one posts this kind of information.
    Like…geles, there are different fabrics, how can you make them stiff like when originally purchased?
    Is there a proper way to care for these fabrics?
    What are the do's
    What are the do not's for fabric care?
    Can you do a video about it?

  10. Hope all is well with you, be confident things will only get better.

  11. Hi, love the video. I have a question regarding the sticker. Does the residue come off in the wash? Thanks!!

  12. You are so beautiful! love the fabrics.

  13. The fabric is absolutely beautiful!!….I would love to order quite a bit, how much s the fabric per yard….and can I email you also for the information?


  15. I would love to order some fabric. is it OK to contact you? Take care peace and love!

  16. Hi I would like to order some fabric. Can you help me? I'm in the United States, New York.

  17. This video was exactly I was looking for!!!
    I bought some ready made dresses in Ivory Cost this year but I really want to buy the fabrics and design myself.
    Now I know that the markets in Accra also have nice fabrics at prices for all budgets.
    Thanks for sharing your experince with us

  18. are these materials from China?

  19. why do ghanaians call these ankara when its simply ntoma…i find that strange…every african country pronounces it differently and we must stick to how its pronounce in ghana…#justmytwocents

  20. I hate the stickers that come on the fabric. How do you get them off correctly???

  21. Love this video. I also sent you an email about getting fabric.

  22. I just brought some beautiful african fabric while in NY for holidays in the fashion district. I would love some fabric direct that i wont question authenticity. I am also in the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia) area. Will be getting email from me too

  23. can you get me some of that fabric?

  24. Oooo that diy ankara necklace. Yes!

  25. Ohh im so excited! Makola market is on my list of places to go, when i get to Ghana! Back to watching video

  26. Gorgeous fabrics! I love Makola market too 👍

  27. Awesome attitude towards fabrics you have. I hope to make it out soon. Its been decades 🙁 But good for you it all looks good on ya. I hope you find much success in Ghana!

  28. i just got back from Gh after being there for 5 months….i did plan to Vlog but out of laziness i just didnt LOL keep these videos coming i am loving them!!! 

  29. Love it! Love the diy at the end wow!

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