Africa: Zulu Empire – Shaka Zulu Becomes King – Extra History – #1

Africa: Zulu Empire – Shaka Zulu Becomes King – Extra History – #1

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  1. No actually the Europeans did want them to fight, so they could kill each other

  2. This is all a lie, I am from South Africa and Shaka died before European settlers ever came and warned his people and his brother of their coming, that they should be wary of the pale looking people. And Shaka is the one that dethroned his father by killing him to take over the throne as he was an illegitimated first born but still thought he deserved to rule. please gets your facts straight. get the real story not His-story

  3. please also do one on the Basotho Empire

  4. Do the congo kingdom


  6. Respect for covering this, the way you did.

  7. can you do more of this please maybe north Africa?

  8. Good video but they were clans not tribes. The clans were part of the greater Zulu tribe but they lived somewhat autonomously

  9. I keep seeing him on Civ 6 and got interested in what his history was. This is actually more interesting than I thought. Will keep on watching to see more.

  10. You earned a like with using the actraiser song 'Birth of the people' in your intro. hell yeah dude.


  12. Actually the zulu had stolen guns

  13. This is ridiculous. The Europeans didn't try to help. They stirred up the conflict between the tribes. It's called Divide and Conquer. I hope future generations won't get confused by this video. And the pronunciation of these names is so off it's pretty disrespectful.

  14. what a way to talk about colonialism …ew🤢🤢🤢🤢 yáll do better please

  15. Your pronunciation of these names 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Great now i want to see him in fate

  17. And Shaka killed his brother (younger brother) the older ones killed him middle child killed the older brother and he and son pretty much destroyed the Zulu Empire from w European ppl (who cheated til this day) Shaka was the smartest one out of all them

  18. Bullhorn still used today (like Phil Jackson offense) but the loin wasn't just backup they mainly sneak attack the back side with the horn

  19. Zulus still have a king!

  20. Europeans helped huh 🤬😑🤣
    WPPL were the cause of all the chaos even til this day

  21. What is your reference on writing this ?

  22. Sidenote…Dingiswayo was never the chief of the Zulu but of the Mthethwa which at the time were way more powerful

  23. Zulus attack! Fight back to back! Show them no mercy and fire at will! Kill or be killed! Facing, awaiting, a

  24. Yintoni ngoku na le? Andaxakwa Dinjiswayo noJowbu 😂

  25. If you want to know more about the Zulu nation go read about the house of David in your Bible or Juda… So we keep written records you are wrong

  26. This is the kindest portal of Europeans I have seen in a while

  27. Lol at Shaka Zulu's trippy main theme 😂

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