Africa Sign The African Free Trade Deal

Africa Sign The African Free Trade Deal

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  2. Let's Make Africa Great Again. Africa back to its control, its destiny and move forward. Strip the 1884 and go back to its original form under a federation, one state, one nation, one country. A United and Strong Africa

  3. Something about this free trade doesn't seem right and now South Africa and Nigeria is on board. There is a secret power behind all of this.

  4. Great! Now let’s start creating cars and food chains! so tired off africa being the only major country with no major international businesses.

  5. i’m not surprised about south africa opting out

  6. Both those countries lick the white man's boots! Of course they won't sign. Weak leaders!

  7. come on you guys!.. South Africa did sign the Agreement..

  8. Nigeria why you no sign??

  9. All non-black people are black's enemies not just whites.

  10. Gobez gobezeuch good job.

  11. Yo yo what? Who are they waiting for .tell dem to sign a free trade and that will help the whole continent of Africa to stop East&West costly trade . tell dem to erase borderline in their brains by doing that Africa can feel freedom ask dem why Gaddafi died his plan was to cut off borders in Africa &the use of same currency as South African I am not happy I know i am nothing to dem

  12. They signed the first draft or something but didn't sign the entire document as they want some changes, thats all. These are the biggest economies in Africa, everything has to be done within pre-thought strategy

  13. 🎬 1 🎥 🗣 🎙 🎞 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Outstanding Thank you for sharing. Produce your own goods do not buy from other countries making ASIA and USA RICH! Jamaica had the same opportunity like Asia in the 1960 and they are still in poverty and Asia is booming.

  14. Does it really matter?, the politicians are driven by the power of the chiefs.

  15. 2 criminal states are busy stroking their egos when the rest of the continent sign trade agreement, that Nigeria the mother of all fraud fake practices, and a bully boy of the continent South Africa, they believe without them Africa won't rise, unfortunately, it will rise with or without them, and their plastic economies managed by the shithole America,

  16. Our time is coming. It’s our cycle to prosper.

  17. Am nigerian but am angry to hear dis. Wat x wrong with nigerian leaders, sumbody pls explain to me. Nigeria n south africa plz sign, coz we are all africa. 2geda we will be one africa dat we hv been dreaming 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  18. Be careful what you wish for. What's your vision Africa? Can you really compete with global company like Wal-Mart? But you can't compete with history which time has come

  19. Very good very good, hooray hooray because Africa is the richest continent in the world so it should be number one.

  20. I doubt Nigeria, South Africa or Egypt will ever sign this

  21. A lot of African Americans in the comments wishing to go to Africa. Didn’t Louise Farrakhan say he’d pay to relocate any African Americans back to Africa??? Actually I know he did and it’s been a running joke for more than 25 years as nobody signed up. I suppose the joke would be on them if a bunch of people took him up on the offer shalom 🇮🇱

  22. Fuck South Africa and Nigeria,the rudest countries on the continent.

    P.S im South African

  23. This good news we should do business with each other for a better Africa we got the resource we just need to stand up to corruption and war

  24. I'm so glad to see African leaders finally uniting to stabilize the African economy!

  25. I thought the Northern Africans are the ones who likes to sperate themselves I didn't expect it come my SADCC brothers

  26. We miss you before they violated you its all in your contents but were ever you at we will pray for you brother

  27. Hahaha haha the end result nobody knows

  28. Stop seeing African problem in bulk. A big problem is in the Democratic Republic of Congo that has it's wealth stollen and sold via Rwanda. Fake wars and state terrorism is the disease killing the former "zairois". Nigeria and South Africa are wise and believe in sovereignty of countries. The last to create a real economic United States of Africa was killed. It was Khaddafi. Those that you see are dangerous folks in Africa. Not close to honest business. Real wolves in action.

  29. The problem is that guy on top of the African Union. He is a " killer". Nigerians and South Africans know deeply what's going on. The Democratic Republic of Congo is a fraud that needs to be cleared first.

  30. No turning back my AFRIKA we all going forward
    Love that

  31. South Africa did sign the agreement.. plus there's no evidence in this vid that proves otherwise..

  32. I wonder if this free trade agreement is limited to domestic businesses or will it include foreign businesses with African subsidiaries in which case I have reservations. This could potentially allow outside influences the ability to circumvent the few remaining barriers to complete economic control on the continent. I need more details before I can say this is a good thing.

  33. What are the whites doing there

  34. Funny… 90% trading within Africa??? lol
    All the technologies and infrastructure were developed by Christian british whitey who have/had a more evolved political system where all the demand for raw product is created , processed and turned into final goods.
    Africa does not have a place where they make 95% of all the GLOBAL inventions, a silicone valley, nor a patents office.
    Worse than that, the spine is still tribalist, with marxist anti capital leanings. In other places it has merged with the verso backwards and piratical government of Islam..
    These guys are all such jokers.
    Most of them are still struggling getting raw resources out of the ground.
    and if they do?
    For what and who?????
    The Chinese have taken a major position due to an aversion to the guys who developed the technologies….lol
    The Chinese have the highest human rights history!!!! Sit back now and enjoy!!!

  35. It's great idea. I love to see Great African United,the African United is not by words, is by the willing to hear the voice of the PEOPLE and to show concern. Who is willing to hear the cry of MOTHER AFRICA?.This was Gaddafi's aim, as the western world saw the advantages it will bring to Africa,Sarkozy first supported for so called NATO to kick his ass.Are you guys not doing all this because of fear? .

  36. what's in the agreement ? sometimes free trade is centralized control trade.

  37. It's great idea. I love to see Great African United,the African United is not by words, is by the willing to hear the voice of the PEOPLE and to show concern. Who is willing to hear the cry of MOTHER AFRICA.

  38. Kick all non Africans out of the Union, out of the meeting out of Africa business!

  39. Keep one eye open while you are Handling your African Businesses.
    My prayers to the God of Love for all my African People.
    Peace and Love.

  40. Don't trade with the USA until Trump is out of our White House. He will cause problems. He will find some way to swindle every Country in Africa and turn around and blame you.

  41. I don't beleive that plenty of dictators can manage their countries well.

  42. Amazing
    I am proud of these men taking this giant step. We need to step away from the ruins tgat is going on with the planet by you know who and get back closer to nature and technology building at the sane time. Don't let the Europeans inject your people to depopulate Africa. The planet need us because we are closer to nature than any others.

  43. Thanks to the RWAMDA president.
    Respect to you…💪💪💪💪💪

  44. You All There Chilling Out Like Leaders.
    Most Of You Are Nothing But Puppets To The Western Cult.
    A continent that can not even defend themselves in tern of Weaponary.
    Shame u you.
    Africa is Going to be enslave again by the western world. Or you leaders in Africa nerd yo wake up now. Or step done and let real leaders take over.

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